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Icelandic lawmakers rush to ban circumcision

Eight Icelandic parliamentarians from across the political spectrum have signed the proposed legislation banning circumcision, proposing 6 years in prison for violators who perform the Jewish religious rite.

By Kobi Nachshoni


A bill submitted this week to the Icelandic parliament is calling for the banning of circumcision and sets the penalty for violators at six years in prison.

Senior European rabbis are fuming at the legislative initiative and are calling on Jewish communities on the continent to apply international pressure in order to prevent the bill’s adoption and ensure freedom of religion.

A Jewish ‘brit’, circumcision ceremony. – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP.pn

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Icelandic capital withdraws current boycott of Israel for revised version


Reykjavik mayor cancels ban on all Israeli-made goods, but plans to revise proposal for a version limited to all Israeli products from Judea and Samaria.

By Itamar Eichner & Ynetnews


The capital of Iceland’s decision to ban Israeli products is to be withdrawn, Reykjavik Mayor Dagur Eggertsson told the Icelandic Broadcasting Service RÚV on Saturday, according to Iceland Magazine.

The magazine quoted Eggertsson: “Yes, the decision was poorly prepared. In the past I have taken great pride in preparing all big decisions thoroughly. I’ll admit here and now that I am angry with myself for not doing that, and for not having prepared the decision as well as I would have liked to. Continue Reading »

The Few Jews in Island Struggle to Keep the Faith

With no rabbi, no synagogue & a majority of interfaith marriages, Iceland’s few Jews find unique ways of keeping Jewish tradition alive …with a little help from their friends.

By Jenna Gottlieb, The Forward 

Iceland has no synagogue, no rabbis, no Jewish community center or organized structure. In fact, Judaism is not even one of Iceland’s state-recognized religions.

Reykjavík, Iceland's largest metropolitan area, seen from Hallgrímskirkja's steeple.

Reykjavík, Iceland’s largest metropolitan area, seen from Hallgrímskirkja’s steeple. Photo courtesy: Wikipedia Commons

Still, Iceland has about 100 Jews who call this North Atlantic island home. And last year, roughly 50 of them gathered in a hall downtown on Erev Rosh Hashanah for services — a proportion of prayer attendance that rabbis in many other countries would give their left arms to achieve.

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