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Israel’s Consul General walks out of New York gala over anti-Israel propaganda

Israel’s Consul General left the hall during the annual gala of Bezalel Academy, in protest against its president’s anti-Israel speech that continued despite the Ambassador’s protest. “I was not prepared to give this credence by my presence,” he later said.

By Nitsan Keidar


Dani Dayan, the Consul General of Israel in New York, on Wednesday night participated in the annual gala of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in New York, in the presence of many dignitaries.

Ambassador Dani Dayan – Photo: State of Israel website

As part of his participation in the gala, the Consul spoke about the academy and its contribution and congratulated those present. Continue Reading »

Soldier Court-Martialed For Publicly Debasing IDF Has Become Left’s Hero

Israel’s left-wing daily, Haaretz, praises soldiers who said to German TV audience that IDF conditions its soldiers to treat Arabs as subhuman.

By Gil Ronen


The Left’s new hero is Corporal Shachar Berrin, who serves as a combat soldier in the Home Front Command (HFC). Berrin was lauded in Haaretz‘s main editorial Monday and was glorified in at least two articles by the paper’s pundits, Gideon Levy and Uri Misgav, as well as in other left-wing and anti-Israeli websites.

Corporal Shachar Berrin, screenshot

Berrin’s “heroic” action was a monologue on German TV channel Deutsche Welle‘s show, The New Arab Debates, hosted by Tim Sebastian, which was taped in Jerusalem about two weeks ago.

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Arab MK Rejects Jews in Future State: ‘Palestine’ Jews ‘Won’t be Loyal Citizens’

Israel’s PM Netanyahu’s comment of allowing settlements to remain in future Palestine forced Arab leaders to show true racist character, as MK Zahalka explains why ‘Palestine’ cannot accept Jewish citizens.

By Gil Ronen


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s bluff regarding the idea of leaving the Jews of Judea and Samaria inside a future state of “Palestine” – assuming it was a bluff, as sources in Netanyahu’s bureau claim – appears to be working brilliantly in exposing Palestinian hypocrisy.

According to Dani Dayan, the chief foreign envoy for the Yesha Council – a Judea and Samaria leadership forum – MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) spoke on Haifa Radio Monday morning and rejected Netanyahu’s suggested solution – explaining that Jewish setlers who live inside “Palestine” will not be loyal citizens in the new Arab state. Continue Reading »