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Jordan steps out of natural gas negotiation with Israel on a 15 year-$15 billion deal



Israeli regulators declared owners of the Mediterranean fields as having gas monopoly, making the Hashemite Kingdom’s decision easy, considering original deal triggered angry reaction from Jordanian parliamentarians, who oppose normalization with the Jewish state.



Jordan is reportedly suspending negotiations with Israel over plans to import natural gas.

Jordan’s King Abdullah (R) reviews an honor guard in Amman. – Photo: REUTERS

The move comes after anti-trust regulators in Jerusalem last month declared the proprietors’ control of the Leviathan gas field in the Mediterranean Sea as monopolistic, the Jordanian daily newspaper Al Ghad is reporting on Sunday. Continue Reading »

Delek Reports: Leviathan gas field to begin exporting by early 2018


Delek Drilling, one of basin’s stakeholders, announced in its financial report for 2014, that among several regional letters of intent & deals discussed for both the Tamar & Leviathan reservoirs, was a letter of intent signed between the Tamar partners & the Spanish firm Union Fenosa Gas.





Israel’s sizable Leviathan gas reservoir will likely begin flowing by the beginning of 2018, the basin’s stakeholders announced on Wednesday night.

Israel's natural gas


Delek Drilling, a member of the Leviathan partnership, made the announcement in the company’s third quarter financial report for 2014. Continue Reading »

Australia’s Woodside buys 25% of Israel’s largest gas well, the Leviathan


Australian energy firm to acquire 25% ownership of Israeli reservoir in $2.71 billion deal.


Amid months of uncertainty and lack of transparency surrounding Leviathan gas reservoir arrangements, Australian hydrocarbon firm Woodside is expected to sign a $2.71 billion agreement to acquire a 25-percent share of the field on Thursday evening.
Leviathan gas field - Albatross - 09012012

Leviathan holds 453 billion cu.m. of gas [file] Photo: Courtesy of Albatross

The agreement will build upon a memorandum of understanding signed with the reservoir’s partners on February 7, which provided a framework for final negotiations, following months of uncertainty and anticipation surrounding the agreement. An original agreement in principle occurred among the parties in December 2012, which had called for Woodside to acquire a larger, 30% stake of the reservoir.

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Leviathan gas partners sign 1st gas export agreement with Palestinian power company


The partners managing Israel’s large natural gas reservoir have signed a $1.2 billion agreement to supply the Palestine Power Generation Company.




The drilling partners behind Israel’s large Leviathan gas reservoir have sealed their first export deal for the basin – a $1.2 billion sales agreement with the Palestine Power Generation Company.

 Officials from Delek and the Palestinian Authority - Photo: Chen Galili

Officials from Delek and the Palestinian Authority – Photo: Chen Galili

According to the agreement, signed at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem on Sunday, PPGC will buy around 4.75 billion cubic meters of gas for a period of 20 years, to fuel a future power plant in Jenin with a 200-megawatt capacity. Continue Reading »