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Israel’s ‘Top Secret’ nuclear high school


Israel’s Atid High School, located at the Dimona nuclear reactor trains selected students in professions needed for the Jewish state’s future industrial sector.

The students can’t divulge details of their studies, but admit it’s worth it to be in the fast-track for in-demand professions.

By Yael Branovsky

The parents of students at the technological high school at Israel’s Nuclear Research Center-Negev in Dimona have never seen where their children study. The parents aren’t allowed to visit, and the kids aren’t allowed to tell them anything. Every morning, the children check their cellular phones on their way to another day at Israel’s top-secret high school.

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Black Hebrews jailed after brutally attacking Policemen for ending noisy party

After the police confrontation over the  birthday party, Black Hebrews claim police called them ‘illegal migrants’, unaware some had served in IDF.



Members of the Black Hebrew community from Dimona accused the Israel Police of discriminating against them while breaking up a birthday party in south Tel Aviv, Channel 2 reported.

Israel police.

Israel police. – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Police arrived at the party, which was held in a public park, after receiving noise complaints from nearby residents.

James Christmas, the father of the birthday girl and a Black Hebrew, alleged that a police officer came right up to him at the party and began to push him. Continue Reading »

Founder President Peres snubbed from Dimona reactor 50 years celebration


The ceremonial event celebrating 50 years for Negev Nuclear Research Center neglected to include the man who helped establish Israel’s nuclear reactor – President Shimon Peres

By Itamar Eichner


About 3,000 guests visited the newly inaugurated Negev Nuclear Research Center in Dimona last Thursday, but the event was missing one key figure in the reactors history, after someone high up decided to toss their invite.

The reactor in its early days (National Security Archive)

The reactor in its early days (National Security Archive)

The guests saw images of the reactors’ establishment in the 1950s, as now-President Shimon Peres‘s personal project when he was the director-general of the Defense Ministry; they heard about its development in the 60s under the supervision of then-Deputy Defense Minister Peres; they learned about the challenges that the reactor overcame against a wave of international criticism in the 80’s, supported by then-Prime Minister Peres. Continue Reading »

3 Druze soldiers kept from entering nuclear facility


Despite impeccable enlistment record, three Druze IDF soldiers suffered discrimination.

Evidence reveals the IAF Druze soldiers were barred from entering Dimona nuclear research center for 30 minutes until security investigation was completed.

By Yossi Yoshuah


Israel‘s Druze community surpasses Jews in their percentage of IDF enlistment and the minority group will soon mark a milestone when Colonel Ghassan Alian will take command of the Golani Brigade – yet conscripted Druze still suffer discrimination within the army.

The Nuclear Research Center in Dimona – Archives: AFP

A Yedioth Aharonoth report based on undercover recordings revealed that there are those that are still skeptical of the Druze soldier’s loyalties and barred IAF Druze soldiers from joining their Jewish comrades in a military exercise in the sensitive Dimona nuclear center. Continue Reading »

As payback for Khartoum raid, Hamas shoots Grad at Dimona reactor

On 6 Oct an Iranian drone flew over Israel & photographed the reactor building & its air defense system’s radar.

The data gathered was sent to Hamas to help aim its rocket attack on Dimona.

A DEBKAfileExclusive Report


Less than 24 hours after Sudanese President Omar Bashir pledged “decisive steps against Israeli interests which are now legitimate targets,” for the destruction of the Iranian missile plant in Khartoum, Palestinian rocket teams early Sunday, Oct. 28, fired Grad missiles as target finders against Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona. This is reported exclusively by debkafile. They exploded on open ground in the Ramat Negev district southwest of the town of Dimona.

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Israel assessing intel: Was UAV headed to Dimona?

IDF collects remnants of UAV as security establishment examines the possibility it was sent by Hezbollah to photograph Dimona reactor

IDF fears drones will be used to hit strategic sites

Ron Ben-Yishai


After Israeli fighter jets shot down a drone over the Yatir forest in the south Mount Hebron area on Saturday, the army is trying to figure out what its destination was. One of the possibilities the security establishment is looking into is that the unmanned aircraft, which was apparently Iranian-made, was on its way to test the option of infiltrating the nuclear reactor in Dimona, perhaps even to examine the option of targeting the plant in a future conflict. Continue Reading »