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Iranian ship with thousands of weapons seized by Egyptian navy


According to Egypt’s Interior Ministry, the weapons & ammunition were likely earmarked for extremist Salafist groups operating in the Sinai & for Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza.

Ten crewmen of various nationalities were taken into custody.

By Daniel Siryoti, Dan Lavie, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff

Egyptian naval forces seized an Iranian ship carrying tens of thousands of weapons, likely earmarked for Palestinian terrorist groups and extremist Salafist groups operating in Sinai, as it entered Egyptian territorial waters in the Red Sea late on Wednesday, an Egyptian military spokesman said on Thursday.

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IDF Closes Route 10 to Civilian Traffic for a Year

IDF orders civilian vehicles to stay off Route 10 along Egypt-Israel border.

By Gil Ronen


The IDF has ordered Highway 10 along the Egypt-Israel border closed to civilian traffic for one year. Civilians are to keep at least 300 meters away from the highway, on its eastern side. Anyone wishing to enter the area must first receive permission from the IDF to do so.

The IDF Spokesman said that security considerations are behind the move.

Highway 10 was closed to civilian traffic in August 2011, following a terror attack that killed eight Israelis. It has since been reopened and intermittently closed whenever there was an escalation in the security situation in the region. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu tours Egyptian border, heralds completion of security fence

PM  Netanyahu says security fence has achieved primary objectives of stopping the flood of African migrants and defending Israel from Sinai terrorists.


“There has not been an engineering feat this large since the days of Herod,” said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on tour of the 4.7- meter-tall, 242-kilometer-long fence going up along the Egyptian border.


MP Natanyahu meets soldiers on the border – Photo: GPO

Netanyahu, who shepherded through the massive, 1.35 billion shekel project, said that the model will now be duplicated on the Golan Heights border with Syria, and later on the country’s eastern frontier.

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