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Shots fired on Egypt-Israel border

Armed cell seen near the Israel-Egypt border, then confrontation ensued between cell & Egyptian army. No injuries reported.

By Yoav Zitun


Gunfire erupted in Egypt Sunday near the Israeli border, most probably as a result of clashes between the Egyptian army and an armed cell spotted in the vicinity of the Israel-Egypt border, in the northern area of Kadesh-Barnea.

Israel-Egypt border – Photo: Yoav Zitun

An IDF outlook identified the cell moving in a car along the Egyptian side of the border. As a result of the clashes, the IDF has bolstered forces in the region. No injuries were reported on the Israeli side. Continue Reading »

Sinai Jihadi movement claims they fired rockets at Eilat

The Jamaat Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis has claimed responsibility for rocket attacks on Southern Israel in the past and now, boasts its rockets ‘scared Israelis into shelters’ although explosions were heard, no signs of rockets were found.

By Roi Kais


The Jamaat Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis group, which operates in the Sinai Peninsula, took responsibility on Friday evening for the alleged launch of two Grad missiles toward Eilat on Thursday.

החיפושים אחר הרקטות, בחמישי באילת (צילום: מאיר אוחיון)

Searching for the rockets – Photo: Meir Ohayon

Though Eilat residents reported hearing two or three loud bangs, security forces have yet to finds any trace of the rockets.

In an internet statement, the group boasted the bangs “frightened Allah’s Jewish enemies” and made them run for shelter. Continue Reading »