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Eritrean woman released as result of High Court ruling

After Israel’s High Court of Justice strikes down law allowing State to detain illegal infiltrators for up to 3 years without trial, Justice Ministry review panel asks for immediate release of Eritrean woman jailed since 2012

By Omri Efraim

The Justice Ministry’s Custody Reviews Court has ordered the release of an Eritrean woman held in detention in wake of the High Court’s ruling that the amendment to the Prevention of Infiltration Law that allows the detention of infiltrators for up to three years without trial is unconstitutional.

Saharonim detention facility – Archive photo: Hain Hornstein

The woman is the first person to be released as a result of the ruling. Continue Reading »

Egypt stifles Eritreans who want to migrate to Israel

Visiting Eritrean activist says Sinai border fence and the threat of detention has deterred potential migrants from coming to Israel.




There is a diminished desire among Eritrean asylum-seekers to migrate to Israel, largely due to the new border fence with Egypt and the threat of incarceration under the “Infiltrators Law,” a visiting Eritrean dissident activist said in Tel Aviv on Friday.

Eritrean migrants protest Negev detention facility

Eritrean migrants protest Negev detention facility – Photo: Ben Hartman

“From what I see recently people don’t have the appetite to come to Israel, much less than they used to. They know the reality here much better than before,” said Tesfu Atsbha, a leader of the organization The Eritrean Youth Solidarity for National Salvation.

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US Report: ‘Israel using Eritrean bases to spy on Iran’

Report by US-based firm: Israel using ‘small but significant presence’ in northeastern African nation in an effort to boost intel gathering on Iran



Israel is trying to increase its intelligence gathering efforts vis-à-vis Iran and is now using Eritrea to that effect, a new report by Stratfor Global Intelligence said Tuesday.

(Illustration) Photo: Shutterstock

‘Spying’ – Photo: Shutterstock

According to the strategy consultancy firm, Eritrea, which sits on the eastern shore of the Red Sea, has become an arena of operations for both Israel and Iran, as both are trying to bolster their influence on the Horn of Africa. Continue Reading »