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Left-wing group turns to High Court to relieve Elad control of Temple Mount tunnel

Archeological activist from Emek Shaveh dismiss the group as a “radical left-wing organization,” funded by European gov’ts, believes they should have control of the tunnel, which extends from the Silwan parking lot opposite the Dung Gate to the Western Wall.


During a Thursday morning press tour of a contested tunnel being excavated under the Temple Mount, Yonathan Mizrachi stopped to explain why his archeological NGO submitted a petition to the High Court requesting that a right-wing NGO cease managerial oversight of the project.

EMEK SHAVEH archeologist Yonathan Mizrachi leads members of the press on a tour of the contested Temple Mount tunnel.

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Barrage of Lawsuits Set to Counter Leftist ‘Settlement Boycott’ Groups

After High Court of Justice ruling yesterday, requiring boycotters to compensate for lost revenues, Legal Forum for Israel says it is preparing legal fusillade.

By Benny Toker & Ari Yashar


The Legal Forum for Israel is preparing to submit a series of lawsuits against leftist organizations that call to boycott products from Judea and Samaria, after the High Court this week ruled that those calling to boycott the state of Israel must pay compensation for their economic damage.

Attorney Yifa Segel of the Forum told Arutz Sheva that “we were witnesses in recent years to calls to boycott goods, an academic boycott, an artist boycott and more, they made blacklists against us.” Continue Reading »

High Court of Israel rules on racial profiling at Ben Gurion International Airport

After many years before Israel’s High Court of Justice, the current civil rights case was dismissed, but allows future petitions if necessary.


The High Court of Justice on Wednesday carved out a middle ground in one of the most important recent cases to be decided on the issue of racial profiling, with the particular case relating to security at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Entry into security check at Israel’s Ben Gurion Int’l Airport – Photo: REUTERS

On one hand the court dismissed the petition which had an ultimate goal of complete elimination of racial profiling and partially accepted the state’s argument that it could not completely change without heavily burdening all travelers, a change which would have been disproportionate. Continue Reading »

High Court upholds punishment for ethics violations against Arab MK Hanin Zoabi


MK Hanin Zoabi, who was banned from Knesset’s plenum debates, fails to get decision overturned with Justices ruling the Disciplinary action was proper in light of apparent ethics violations of her sympathizing with terrorists, & calling for popular uprising.

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Ministerial Committee: Knesset Can Veto High Court Annulment Decrees

MK Shaked’s bill basically states that with a 61-seat majority, the Knesset will be able to undo High Court ruling if the justices strike down a law.

By Ido Ben Porat, Gil Ronen


The Ministerial Committee on Legislation approved on Sunday a bill submitted by MK Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) that would enable the Knesset to override a High Court decision to strike down a law it had previously legislated.

The bill would add a clause to the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom, allowing the re-legislation of laws annulled by the High Court, with a 61-seat majority. The clause would be added to the Basic Law as a temporary order for a period of four years. Continue Reading »

High Court relieved rabbinical courts of it’s authority over circumcision decisions

Israel’s High Court decided that family courts will decide whether a baby gets a circumcision when divorcing parents disagree on the issue, and not the rabbinical court that’s dealing with the divorce.


In a dramatic decision on religion and democracy, the High Court of Justice on Sunday took away authority from the rabbinical court system over whether a divorcing couple had to circumcise their son.

Eitan's Brit

Secular “Brit Milah” Jewish circumcision ceremony – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The vote to move the issue into the family court system was 6-1 with Deputy Supreme Court Justice Miriam Naor, Justices Salim Jabraun, Esther Hayot, Hanan Meltzer, Yoram Danziger and Neal Hendel voting in the majority against Justice Elyakim Rubsinstein voting in the minority. Continue Reading »

Israel High Court ruling: 10,000 non-working haredim to lose monthly stipend

Israel’s Supreme Court decision addresses only directly-paid subsidies & does not impact the new major law that reset the entire balance of ultra-Orthodox obligations regarding serving in the army etc.



An expanded seven justice panel of the High Court unanimously threw out as unconstitutional approximately NIS 1,000 per month in subsidies which the state has been paying directly to around 10,000 haredim for studying in yeshivot and not working.


Haredim – Illustrative photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

Though Supreme Court President Asher D. Grunis presided, justice Elyakim Rubinstein wrote the court’s opinion, including an anecdote at the end stating that members of a synagogue he attends recently told a young haredi man asking for charity that he should “go find a job.” Continue Reading »

Largest Land Declaration by Gov’t in Gush Etzion in Past Decade

In a move to surely render the EU, American administration and Abbas’ PA livid, Israel’s Civil Administration declared a parcel of 242 acres of land in Gush Etzion as government-owned land, signaling new construction in the near future.

By Yosef Berger


After years of research and a number of High Court cases, the Civil Adminstration on Sunday declared a parcel of 980 dunams (242 acres) of land in Gush Etzion as state-owned land. The declaration of the parcel as state-owned land is the first step in developing plans for eventual home construction.

This is the largest single state land declaration in Gush Etzion for more than a decade and observers said that it could signal a signifcant increase in construction in Gush Etzion in the coming years. Continue Reading »

Israel’s High Court of Justice issued Netanyahu’s gov’t ‘a yellow card’

High Court gives Knesset until May1 to name FADC chair since Netanyahu & Lapid could not agree over who would take the position first.




The Knesset must appoint a chairperson for its sensitive Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee by May 1, the High Court of Justice ruled on Thursday.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. – Photo: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

In a rare move, the court issued an interim order compelling the parliament to name a chair for the committee after a petition on the matter was filed by jointly by Labor Party chairman and opposition chief Isaac Herzog and the transparency NGO Movement for Quality in Government. Continue Reading »

Report: Israel Police Ignore Temple Mount Disrespect & Damage

Once again, and contrary to orders set by Israel’s High Court, children were playing soccer on the Temple Mount – and even though the Police do nothing, Jewish activist Michael Pu’ah is demanding that it stop.

By Yaakov Levi


On the Temple Mount visitors are often witness to picnics, weddings – and soccer games, with Arab children competing in a sweaty, curse-filled game at the holiest site in Judaism. Many Jewish visitors have complained to authorities about this, with little intervention on the part of police.

On Monday, Michael Pu’ah, a director of the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction of the Likud, filmed a soccer game that took place on the Temple Mount. Continue Reading »

E. Jerusalem residents petition High Court over lack of water, demanding it free


After years of water theft/piracy, illegal building with unauthorized connections to state water main, and the residents refusal to pay water bills, tens of thousands go dry for 3 weeks, with Water Ministry, Water Authority, Jerusalem municipality & the Hagihon utility passing blame.



The Association for Civil Rights in Israel and east Jerusalem residents appealed to the High Court of Justice on Tuesday, petitioning against the lack of running water in several neighborhoods east of the security barrier for the past three weeks.

Palestinian woman carrying water

Palestinian woman carrying water – Photo: Nayef Haslamoun / Reuters

Most homes in the neighborhoods of Ras Hamis, Ras Shahada, Dahyat a-Salam and the Shuafat refugee camp have either had no water or very low water pressure, ACRI attorney Keren Tzafrir wrote in the petition. Continue Reading »

Israel’s High Court cuts state funding for draft-dodging yeshiva students


High Court of Justice rules in an interim order forbidding the gov’t from funding yeshiva students whose draft date was delayed by defense minister.

By Aviel Magnezi

In a dramatic decision Tuesday, the High Court of Justice, composed of nine justices – with a majority of eight to one – issued an interim order forbidding the government from funding yeshiva students whose draft date was delayed.

An ultra-Orthodox soldier in the field. – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The decision applies to yeshiva students aged 18 to 20, who were served with enlistment orders beginning in August 2013 and have not reported at the recruitment center because of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon‘s decision to delay the draft date because “the question of jurisdiction over them is doubtful.” Continue Reading »

Rabbinical Court fines woman $140. day until she circumcises her son

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Israel’s High Court rejects petition against natural gas exports


In the petition to the High Court, signed by MK Yacimovich & MK Rivlin, the call for a gas export policy to be determined by Knesset falls 5-2.



The High Court of Justice on Monday rejected by a tally of 5-2 a petition against the state’s unilateral decision on Israel’s natural gas export policy.

A natural gas rig west of Haifa, Israel. - Photo: Albatross Aerial Perspective/AP

The Finance Ministry expects gas production from the Tamar natural gas field to contribute 0.8% to GDP for 2013 – – Photo: Albatross Aerial Perspective/AP

The petition, signed by a number of MKs, including opposition leader Shelly Yacimovich and Reuven Rivlin (Likud Baytenu) called for gas export policy to be determined by the Knesset.

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Eritrean woman released as result of High Court ruling

After Israel’s High Court of Justice strikes down law allowing State to detain illegal infiltrators for up to 3 years without trial, Justice Ministry review panel asks for immediate release of Eritrean woman jailed since 2012

By Omri Efraim

The Justice Ministry’s Custody Reviews Court has ordered the release of an Eritrean woman held in detention in wake of the High Court’s ruling that the amendment to the Prevention of Infiltration Law that allows the detention of infiltrators for up to three years without trial is unconstitutional.

Saharonim detention facility – Archive photo: Hain Hornstein

The woman is the first person to be released as a result of the ruling. Continue Reading »