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New Israeli laser detonates Hamas explosive balloons, Iranian drones

WATCH: Innovative Light-Blade laser utilizes a low-powered defensive system, making it suitable to operate in urban environments such as public airports without the risk of blinding or injuring anyone in the area.



A laser-based defense system capable of taking out attack drones even in urban environments has been developed by Israeli experts, who hope to roll out the system for a range of security uses, including at airports.

The system was developed by Prof. Amiel Ishaaya at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev after incendiary balloons started being launched into Israel in 2018, setting fire to farmland and causing widespread damage. Continue Reading »

Israel: Hamas ‘unilaterally agrees’ to halt explosive-balloons, rocket attacks

“Tonight and the coming weekend will serve as a test of stability,” an Israeli Defense official said, adding that if the quiet is preserved, Israel will extend the Gaza fishing zone to 15 nautical miles for their fishing boats and restore 500 work permits for Gaza’s businessmen to enter Israel.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Will peace and quiet return to Israel’s south? A defense official on Thursday night said Hamas intends to cease launching incendiary devices from Gaza at the country’s southern communities.

“Hamas has delivered messages to Israel, whereby it has decided to unilaterally stop launching [incendiary and explosives-laden] balloons and rockets at Israel,” the official said. Continue Reading »

IDF tanks, jets target Hamas surveillance posts after IED balloon launches

Following further terror-balloons released with improvised explosive devices attached to explode in southern Israel, the IDF targeted Hamas surveillance positions.

By i24NEWS


IDF tanks and jets struck a number of Hamas surveillance assets in Gaza Strip, the Army’s spokesperson said Thursday.

The strikes were launched in retaliation for incendiary balloon launches from the restive Palestinian enclaves.

Earlier in the day, red alert sirens went off in a Gaza border community in Israel’s south, with the IDF saying that the alert had not been triggered by incoming projectiles. Continue Reading »

BREAKING: IDF jets hit Gaza following release of explosive balloons on Israel

Israel Air Force responds to the launching of explosive balloons on Israel after some 8,000 Palestinians gathered along the Gaza border fence with Israel while under the cover of thick toxic smoke from burning hundreds of tires the rioters hurled stones, explosives devices and grenades at troops stationed along the fence.



IDF aircraft struck multiple Hamas positions in the southern Gaza Strip in response to the launching of explosive balloons towards Israel Saturday night.

Thousands of Gazans have been violently demonstrating along the security fence with Israel demanding an end to the 12-year long blockade every week for the past 11 months. Continue Reading »