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Palestinian terrorist captured, charged with smuggling explosives by sea into Gaza


Together with intel reveled from other recently caught Hamas operatives show the extent of the efforts & resources invested by the Palestinian terrorist group in planning terror attacks against Israel.

By Ido Ben Porat


In a joint operation, the IDF, Israel Police, and the Shin Bet caught a terrorist from Gaza who was involved in smuggling explosives and raw materials for the production of weaponry for Hamas and other terror organizations.

The terrorist, Hamis Gahad Said Araishi, aged 24, from the Shati refugee camp in Gaza, was arrested last week by the Israel Navy after he sailed out of the area permitted under the conditions of the blockade of Gaza. Continue Reading »

Pipe Bombs & Rifles Found Across the Jerusalem Courthouse


Arab father & son arrested after Israel Police & K-9 unit discover rifles with ammo and explosives, concealed in their home adjacent to the Jerusalem District Court.

By Oranit Etzer


Two Arab terrorists, father and son, were arrested on Tuesday afternoon after explosives and weapons were discovered in their home in Jerusalem.

Their home is located adjacent to the Jerusalem District Court on Salah al-Din Road not far from Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus Campus; just last Monday a firebomb was thrown at the court in an attempt to burn it down.

Police detectives searched the home aided by Border Patrol officers and a canine unit, and found hidden in the house explosives, improvised rifles and ammunition.

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