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Pakistani Jew seeks Israel’s permission to visit Jerusalem for Passover

Despite lack of diplomatic relations, Pakistani Jew Fishel Khalid seeks special visa to enter Israel, saying in an open letter that since he can now legally travel to Israel, his dream is to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

By Erez Linn


Fishel Khalid, a Pakistani who has become famous for convincing authorities to recognize him as a Jew, appealed to the Israeli government on Sunday and asked for special permission to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

In a special interview with Israel Hayom, Khalid says that because his newly issued Pakistani passport states his religion as Judaism, all he has to do in order to visit Jerusalem is get Israel’s permission. Continue Reading »

Pakistani Jew seeks Passport to allow him passage to Israel

Fishel Khalid, a Pakistani Jew, appeals to his government in an op-ed asking for valid passport to travel to Jerusalem, since Pakistani passports are restricted: “Valid for all countries except Israel.”
• In Khalid’s op-ed, he points out how travel ban to Israel violates his religious rights afforded in the Pakistani constitution.

Dan Lavie and Israel Hayom Staff


Fishel Khalid, a Pakistani Jew, is asking his government to allow him to travel to Israel

A Jewish man in Pakistan has appealed directly to local authorities to allow him to travel to Israel.

Fishel Khalid’s Twitter profile Photo: @Jew_Pakistani

On Saturday, Fishel Khalid, who also goes by the name “Fishel Benkhald,” tweeted his request at senior government officials, along with images of his Pakistani passport showing his religion listed as Judaism and the specification that “this passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel.” Continue Reading »