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Flotilla Fizzle: Israel Navy intercepts & seizes ‘Marianne’ on way to Gaza

It’s over. The so-called Freedom Flotilla III flopped. The Swedish Marianne of Gothenburg, attempting to reach Gaza, has been seized & was escorted by Navy vessels to Israel’s southern port of Ashdod.

By i24news


Israeli Navy fighters have taken over the Swedish Marianne of Gothenburg, which was on an aid mission to reach Gaza shores and escorted the vessel to Israel’s southern port of Ashdod, iDF spokesperson said early Monday morning. There were no injuries reported.

http://new.israelandstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/The-fishing-trawler-Marianne-of-Gothenburg-Google-photos.pngThe fishing trawler, Marianne of Gothenburg – Google photos

“IDF says has intercepted and captured Marianne,” the organizers tweeted.

Earlier the organizers of the aid flotilla said that tree of the four vessels headed back to their ports of origin. Continue Reading »

Israeli Navy ready to countervail misguided Gaza-bound flotilla

Israel’s Navy ready to redirect the pro-Palestinian activists in their 4 boats meant to challenge internationally recognized security blockade of Gaza.  

By Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy & Itamar Eichner


The Navy has been preparing to meet on Monday a flotilla carrying 47 pro-Palestinian activists to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade.

The flotilla on its way to Gaza.

The Navy commandos are expected to meet the four boats at an undetermined time – sometimes between the early morning hours and evening time, some dozens of kilometers from the coasts of Israel.

There are 18 passengers aboard the main boat, Swedish vessel “Marianne av Göteborg,” including Joint Arab List MK Basel Ghattas, former Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki and activist Dror Feiler. Continue Reading »

PM Netanyahu Responds Detailing Hypocrisy of Flotilla Aid Activists

Israel’s PM Netanyahu responded to protest letter from Arab MK with letters to Gaza flotilla activists, telling them the real story about who is supporting Hamas & ‘helping’ Gaza.

By Yaakov Levi


After MK Basal Ghattas (Joint Arab List) sent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu several letters protesting the IDF’s intention to prevent the Freedom Flotilla III, the Prime Minister is sending back letters to members of the flotilla. In his letter, Netanyahu says to flotilla members that they apparently “got lost.”

Freedom Flotilla boat, 2011 – Reuters

“Welcome to Israel, but if it’s freedom you have in mind, maybe you meant to sail to another destination not far from here – Syria.
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Palestinian News Agency: ‘Freedom Flotilla III’ is set to challenge Gaza blockade

Although organizers remain mum on details, the pro-Palestinian’s 3rd mission for a confrontational “lifting of Gaza blockade” is expected this summer.



Three ships are expected to set sail for Gaza this summer as part of a humanitarian mission to Gaza, Ma’an News Agency reported Friday.

Activists aboard a flotilla to Gaza [file]. – Photo: REUTERS

Details of the mission, coined “Freedom Flotilla III,” remain under the radar.

Berawi Zaher, coordinator of the international mission, told Ma’an that its details, including the ships’ departure time and fleet location, will not be released in an effort to hamper Israeli authorities from intervening and exerting international pressure to halt the execution of the mission. Continue Reading »