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WATCH: Israeli Minister Katz Plans to Build Gaza Artificial Airport/Seaport Island


Minister Katz’s plans also call for articulating to the Trump administration Israel’s housing proposals beyond the Green Line that would facilitate building throughout Jerusalem.



Transportation Minister Israel Katz presented the security cabinet on Sunday with the principles of what he dubbed the “Israeli initiative,” a multi-pronged diplomatic plan he hopes can be coordinated with the new Trump administration.

Transportation Minister Israel Katz – Photo: GPO

This is the latest in a growing number of ideas for addressing the Palestinian issue that have emerged from ministers and Knesset members in recent weeks coinciding with the change of government in Washington. Continue Reading »

Palestinians bicker, skeptical of Israel’s plan for off-coast island port for Gaza


view videoStrategic affairs adviser to West Bank based PA President Abbas, accused Israel of trying to reinforce the split between the West Bank & Gaza, “a lethal blow to the prospects of a two state solution.”



A proposal by an Israeli minister to construct an island to serve as a port that would open up the blockaded Gaza Strip to the world has gained adherents from Israeli security experts, who view it as a way to avoid further rounds of conflict with the coastal enclave run by the militant Hamas movement.

But the initiative by Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz is receiving a cold reception from both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, both of which doubt Israel is actually interested in alleviating the suffering of Gazans. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israeli Minister Katz Proposes Plan to Build Gaza Airport/Seaport Island


view videoThe ambitious Israeli project, originally proposed in 2011, would greatly ease Gaza’s economic situation, while maintaining Israel’s security with NATO, or an alternative foreign force.

By Israel Today Staff


Israeli Minister of Transportation Israel Katz (Likud) this week presented to foreign media outlets his ambitious plan to create an artificial island just off the coast of the Gaza Strip to provide the area’s residents with a modern airport and seaport.

Israeli plan for a Gaza offshore seaport-airport – Drawing: Ministry of Transportation and Israel Ports

Katz noted that the project would significantly ease the difficult economic situation in which Gaza finds itself without harming Israel’s security. Continue Reading »

Israel Minister: Plans for off-shore Gaza port in the works


Intel Minister Katz says that the artificial island-port “would provide Gaza with an economic & humanitarian gateway to the world without endangering Israeli security.”



Transportation & Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz on Sunday night announced that he is working to advance plans to create an artificial island off the coast of Gaza that could improve the Palestinian enclave’s economic and humanitarian situation.

Gaza City

Palestinians stand atop a boat at Gaza’s seaport in Gaza City October 16. – Photo: REUTERS

Katz told The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York that the venture would seek to connect the territory to the movement of people and goods

“The off-shore project could provide Gaza with an economic and humanitarian gateway to the world without endangering Israeli security,” he said. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Israel Allowing Turkey Plan $5 Billion Gaza Seaport


According to a Turkish daily on Friday, plans to reconstruct  Hamas’ seaport began with a Turkish group meeting with Palestinian Authority & Hamas officials, as well as Israeli officials.

By Ari Bashar


In the midst of ongoing normalization talks with Israel, Turkey is planning to invest $5 billion in reconstructing the Hamas stronghold of Gaza including a seaport – which Israel has fiercely opposed due to the blatant threat of weapons smuggling.

Gaza & Turkey’s leaders – REUTERS

The Turkish Hurriynet Daily News on Friday reported that a team of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) announced the expensive rebuilding plan, which is being prepared by the Center for Multilateral Trade Studies at the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV). Continue Reading »