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Japan’s Hino Motors unveils Israel’s flat chassis for electric vehicles

Israel’s revolutionary flat chassis for electric vehicles, the product of having “reinvented the wheel,” was unveiled at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show by Hino Motors, the Toyota Group’s representative in the global market for heavy-duty trucks and buses.

By ISRAEL21c Staff


Israeli innovation is on display at the Tokyo Motor Show, Oct. 24 to Nov. 4, as REE unveiled its flat-chassis technology inside Hino Motors’ new FlatFormer modular chassis concept.

FlatFormer is based on REE’s unique technology, which puts all the drive components within the wheel housing. Using REE’s novel electric solution enabled Hino to maximize space, flexibility and energy efficiency in its FlatFormer design for electric trucks. Continue Reading »

Israeli waste-to-plastics startup may end garbage dumps/landfills

UBQ, the Israeli waste-to-plastics greentech startup, begins a pilot program in the United States with the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority turning 80% of uncycled household garbage into plastic recycling bins.

By Brian Blum


An Israeli greentech startup, founded by a fabled hummus maker, has signed a deal with a Virginia-based recycling authority.

The startup, UBQ, backed by Yehuda Pearl, the founder of popular hummus brand Sabra, has developed a technology that takes the 80 percent of the household garbage that is typically not recycled and turns it into a plastic substitute that can be made into everyday goods.

UBQ thermoplastic material made from household garbage.

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