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60 Religious Enlist into Israel Air Force Hareidi Unit

By the end of the year, 400 hareidi men will have entered the IAF in its Shahar Kahol program.

By Arutz Sheva


Amid great tensions over hareidi enlistment, about 60 hareidi soldiers joined the ranks of the IAF Tuesday as part of the Shahar Kahol project, writes the IAF Website.

The new recruits will be integrated into a variety of professions and roles in the IAF, including programmers in the IAF’s Ofek computer unit, software inspectors, network administrators and information security professionals, certified electricians, mechanical engineering equipment operators and technicians.

After about three weeks’ basic training at the Uvda base, they will begin courses at the College of Management Academic Studies, after which they will receive professional certificates.

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Israel’s President tells Lapid: ‘Go Easy’ on Hareidi Draftees

Israel’s President Peres asked Finance Minister Lapid to reconsider criminalizing draft-dodging by the ultra-Orthodox. – The Finance Minister respectfully declined.

By David Lev


President Shimon Peres met on Monday morning with Finance Minister Yair Lapid to discuss the latter’s thoughts about the impending vote in the Knesset on the the enlistment bill, which will see hareidi yeshiva students become eligible for the draft for the first time in Israel’s history. In the meeting, Peres expressed his concern for the hareidi community’s feelings on the matter telling Lapid that he should go “a bit easier” on them.

Peres and Lapid meet Monday morning – Mark Neiman/GPO

According to Peres, many members of the community have complained to him about what they perceive as a negative attitude towards them and their lifestyle on Lapid’s part. Continue Reading »

Foreign Ministry: ‘Civilian Service’ in Chabad is Illegal

The Foreign Ministry rejects Shaked Committee’s proposal to allow Chabad emissaries as ‘hareidi service’ alternative.

By Maayana Miskin


The Shaked Committee (aka Equal Burden of Service Committee) has decided that 100 volunteers with the Chabad Lubavitch movement will be considered “civilian service” volunteers – and their service will count toward hareidi enlistment targets.

Chabad tanks celebrate Lag BaOmer – Israel News Photo: Chabad

The groundbreaking decision faces strong opposition from the Foreign Ministry, which declared Tuesday that the proposed arrangement would not be legal.

The Shaked Committee agreed that a select number of Chabad volunteers would be seen as working on behalf of the state of Israel, and their activities would be funded through the Sherut Ezrahi program for non-military national service. Continue Reading »

MK Porush: Israel Won’t be a Home for All Jews If Gov’t Forces IDF Enlistment

MK Meir Porush: If Torah students are forced to enlist, ‘We will tell the world this won’t be a national home for Torah observant Jews.’

By Maayana Miskin



If hareidi-religious Jews are forced to enlist in the IDF, many Jews will no longer see Israel as their home, MK Meir Porush (Yahadut Hatorah) has warned.

Porush met recently with French Ambassador to Israel Cristophe Bigot. During the meeting, Bigot asked Porush what the hareidi-religious community in Israel thinks of the government’s plan to require more hareidi men to enlist in the army.

Porush began by explaining the hareidi-religious view of Torah study. Continue Reading »