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IDF cancel parents’ prerogative to retrieve single son soldiers from battlefield


New IDF regulations prevent parents from retrieving single son soldiers from battle, and now direct donations to soldiers from civilian organizations or individuals, which was once common, in now forbidden under the new IDF regulations.

By Yoav Zeitoun


A new decree issued by the IDF stipulates that parents with one son who consent to him serving in a combat capacity will not be able to annul the agreement. Prior to this decision, parents who had a change of heart could force the army to send out a retrieval unit to extract their son from the battlefield.

The policy change was influenced by incidents which took place during Operation Protective Edge 2014, in which nine parents had decided to retract their previous consent to have their son serve as a fighter. Continue Reading »

Watch: IDF soldiers perform drag show to the chagrin of their commander

Donning women’s clothing, Nahal fighters guarding the Dimona nuclear site put on impromptu show after returning from Gaza operation that sparked conflict with commanders.

By Yoav Zitun



A confrontation occurred between soldiers in the Dimona nuclear unit and their commanding officers because of an impromptu drag show the soldiers conducted after returning from Operation Protective Edge.

Soldiers in the Nahal Brigade were forced to remove this flag in thier quarters.

Soldiers in the Nahal Brigade were forced to remove this flag in their quarters.

The soldiers are part of the Nahal Brigade in regular service guard at the Dimona nuclear reactor, that were sent into Gaza during the recent operation. They decided to celebrate their return to the base with a show in which they dressed in drag, leading to a heated confrontation with their commander that was caught on video and sent to Ynet. Continue Reading »

IDF Reveals Hamas Planned a Terror-Tunnel Massacre for Jewish New Year

IDF spokesperson reveals planned Hamas attack, originally timed for Rosh Hashana, would have involved an invasion force of 200 heavily-armed terrorists that would have been on an unprecedented scale.

By Ari Soffer


The IDF has confirmed rumors, circulating since last summer’s war with Gaza terrorists, that Hamas was planning a massive attack on Israeli communities by hundreds of terrorists who would infiltrate into Israel via the vast network of “terror-tunnels” dug from Gaza into Israeli territory.

In an exclusive Vanity Fair report, IDF spokesperson Lt. Colonel Peter Lerner finally revealed that in destroying the tunnel Israel may have prevented a coordinated massacre of its civilians on an unprecedented scale. Continue Reading »

IDF Demonstrates Hezbollah’s ‘Killer Deal’ for Lebanese Citizens Seeking to Become a Target

IDF’s Spokesperson Unit wastes no time in the media battle, responding to explosives on Israel’s border with exposé about Hezbollah’s enticing ‘housing program.’

By Ari Yashar


The IDF’s Spokesperson Unit lost no time returning fire in the media battle on Tuesday, hours after Iran-proxy Hezbollah terrorists wounded two IDF soldiers by detonating two explosives set on the Israeli-Lebanese border near Har Dov.

Hezbollah homeIn a new animated video, the IDF illustrated how the terror group gives Lebanese citizens a “killer deal,” building them free homes – in return for the privilege of using the homes as weapons storehouses.

Hezbollah “is deeply rooted within the population, exploiting its infrastructure for terror activity and using its civilians as human shields. Continue Reading »

WATCH how IDF uncovers then demolishes Hamas infiltration tunnel

Detecting & destroying Hamas’ tunnels used to infiltrate southern Israel with heavily armed terrorists, has been one of Israel’s central missions for the IDF during Operation Protective Edge.


Video courtesy IDF Spokesman’s Unit:


View original Jerusalem Post publication at: http://www.jpost.com/Operation-Protective-Edge/WATCH-IDF-uncovers-and-demolishes-Gaza-infiltration-tunnel-369631


tunnel beig destroyed - IDF

tunnel being destroyed – IDF

Continue Reading »

IDF spokesman: “We must be strong in both defense & offense.”

Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai addresses Operation Pillar of Defense: ‘Difficult days are ahead, top priority is to restore peace to south’

By Attila Somfalvi


With the southern border under attack, IDF spokesman Brigadier-General Yoav Mordechai addressed Operation Pillar of DefenseThursday at Ynet’s studio, trying to map out what lies ahead.

The Iron Dome air defense system – Photo: AFP

“There was a plan,” Mordechai explained, referring to the operation. “In fact the plan was to give out an impression of a lull – defense officials kept a low profile, the IDF chief of staff was at a drill in the Jordan valley the day before, and there was a sense that life was getting back on track – and then the operation was launched with the assassination of Jabari, who had blood on his hands. Continue Reading »