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Knesset Member: ‘Infiltrators bill – a different prison by a euphemistic name’


Opposition MKs say ‘Infiltration Prevention Bill’ is flawed and unjust. Disperse them around the country.

MK Regev responds, ‘we need to stop this marching carnival, orchestrated by leftist organization and irresponsible MKs’

By Omri Efraim

The asylum seekers’ march on Thursday from the Holot detention facility towards Beersheba led to much criticism within the political arena. “The Immigration Authority is violating the bill initiated by the government, since if the facility is open – it can be exited and walked to Beersheba from,” claimed Knesset Member Dov Khenin. “Their behavior (Thursday) only proves what we have said all along – the government initiated a new prison under a euphemistic name.” Continue Reading »

Gov’t document before Cabinet: Illegal infiltrators are a threat to society’s resilience

PM Netanyahu: We will remove tens of thousands of illegal migrants to preserve the state’s Jewish & democratic character & restore safety to Israeli citizens.

The incentives offered to illegal migrants to leave the country will be raised from $1,500 to $3,500.

By Shlomo Cesana


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Interior Minister: Thousands of migrants will be deported after Jewish holidays



Thousands of asylum seekers & migrants will be deported from Israel within the coming month as part of a two-stage plan, says Interior Minister Sa’ar.

By Omri Efraim



Israel will deport thousands of illegal migrants and refugees from Sudan and Eritrea after the holiday season, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar revealed yesterday.

Gideon Sa'ar

Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar – Photo: Nir Keidar

The minister told the Knesset’s House Committee that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein approved a few days ago an agreement signed between Israel and a country that agreed to absorb asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea.

Sa’ar said his office is expected to launch the operation to deport illegal migrants after the holidays. Continue Reading »

Israel to exchange weapons for migrants with African countries

Senior Israeli official says deal nearly completed with African governments to take tens of thousands of migrant expatriates in exchange for weapons, military training & ‘Israeli know how’.

By Itamar Eichner

Israel is close to signing a deal with several African countries who will accept tens of thousands of African migrants currently residing in Israel in exchange for a benefits package including security, economic and agricultural aid.

Sudanese migrants in Tel Aviv - Photo: Moti Kimchi

Sudanese migrants in Tel Aviv – Photo: Moti Kimchi

According to a senior official, the security aid will include Israeli arms and military knowledge and training.

Such deals are close to being finalized with at least three African countries, the official said. Continue Reading »

Egypt stifles Eritreans who want to migrate to Israel

Visiting Eritrean activist says Sinai border fence and the threat of detention has deterred potential migrants from coming to Israel.




There is a diminished desire among Eritrean asylum-seekers to migrate to Israel, largely due to the new border fence with Egypt and the threat of incarceration under the “Infiltrators Law,” a visiting Eritrean dissident activist said in Tel Aviv on Friday.

Eritrean migrants protest Negev detention facility

Eritrean migrants protest Negev detention facility – Photo: Ben Hartman

“From what I see recently people don’t have the appetite to come to Israel, much less than they used to. They know the reality here much better than before,” said Tesfu Atsbha, a leader of the organization The Eritrean Youth Solidarity for National Salvation.

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Sometimes necessary to ignore UN’s position on illegal African migrants

The Sofer Committee, established by Interior Minister Eli Yishai, says Israeli laws prohibiting the hiring of illegal African migrants should be enforced & recommends economic incentives, that could be offered to facilitate their return to their countries of origin or even go to a 3rd country.

By Yori Yalon & Israel Hayom Staff


The Sofer Committee, which was established by Interior Minister Eli Yishai on the issue of African migrants illegally living in Israel, presented its recommendations at a press conference in Jerusalem on Tuesday. The committee said Israel should monitor the situations in the home countries of the migrants and not always abide by the United Nations’ positions on economic migrants and asylum seekers.

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Interior Minister Yishai warns Ivory Coast migrants of deportation

Interior minister says Ivory Coast migrants have less than a week to voluntarily leave & receive grants, or they will be deported.



Interior Minister Eli Yishai said Wednesday that migrants from the Ivory Coast have less than a week to leave the country and if they do not, the Population, Immigration and Borders Authority (PIBA) will deport them.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai - Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

Interior Minister Eli Yishai – Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

“In less that a week the deadline given to the migrants from the Ivory Coast to leave the country voluntarily will expire,” said Yishai.

The Interior Ministry offered any migrant who leaves of his or her own free will a grant of $500 per adult and $100 per child. Continue Reading »