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Iran leased military airfield from Syria, now negotiating land and sea bases

Israel’s Defense Minister Lieberman officially confirmed in an interview that Iran is pumping $800 million annually into Hezbollah, and said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard/Hezbollah, financed by Iran, are trying to establish military bases inside Syria that would threaten Israel.

By Alex Fishman


Iran has  leased a military airfield from the Syrian government in the center of the country in order to station fighter aircraft. Iran is also negotiating with the Syrians to establish a land base for Shiite militiamen and a port in the city of Tartus.

Hezbollah’s shows US made APCs in first-ever military parade on foreign soil, held in the Syrian city of Qusayr.

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Senior Russian military official met with Nasrallah about Syrian ceasefire

Lebanon’s Al-Nashra news website reports a “senior” Russian military official delivered a letter to Hezbollah’s chief on behalf of Russian leadership detailing ceasefire conditions, that Iran and  the Lebanese militia were obligated to comply with even though they were not involved in the agreement.

By i24NEWS


A senior Russian military official met with the chief of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Beirut and expressed, on behalf of the Russian leadership, that the Lebanon-based group would take on a role in the next phase of the Syrian war, Lebanon’s Al-Nashra news website reported Monday.

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Iran builds Hizbollah arms factory in mountain, fortified against Israeli air attack

French report has Iran’s Revolutionary Guard building a missile production factory for Hezbollah that will have two facilities in Lebanon, one fortified in the Hermel area and another on the coast between Tyre and Sidon, both protected, constructed 50 meters underground to defend against Israeli airstrikes.

By Ynet


The weapons factory Iran is building for Hezbollah in Lebanon is reportedly going to be 50 meters (165 feet) below ground and fortified to defend against Israeli airstrikes, according to French magazine Intelligence Online.

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Report: Iran transfers $600 million received from Obama’s nuke-deal to Hezbollah


According to a Saudi report based on a Hezbollah deserter, $600 million, almost completely in hard cash from the US to Iran, was transferred to Hezbollah institutions and used for paying salaries to its terrorists & their families.

By Dalit Halevi


Hezbollah has created an independent economy within Lebanon, which includes institutions, education, and businesses – from $600 million worth of Iranian aid, Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Youm reported on April 25.

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