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Russian report: Moscow allows Hezbollah to fly Russian flag in Syria

Since Moscow is still angry over losing a plane during IAF attack in Syria this past September, a Russian newspaper reported that the Kremlin made a deal with Iran that allows Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian Shiite groups operating in Syria full protection by operating under its flag to evade an Israeli response.

By Alex Fishman


Moscow is allowing fighters from Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian Shiite groups operating in Syria to carry Russian flags in order to protect them from Israeli airstrikes, Russia’s Kommersant newspaper reported Wednesday.

The report follows a Russian snub earlier this week to Israeli military officials, as Moscow appears reluctant to ease its anger over the loss of one of its planes during an IAF bombing raid in Syria in September. Continue Reading »

Russia’s S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system arrives in Syria

Moscow’s decision to send the S-300 missile defense system came after a Russian plane was mistakenly downed by Syrian air defense, killing 15 Russian serviceman on board, during an Israeli air strike in Latakia.

By i24NEWS


Russia has delivered its S-300 missile defense system to Syria as promised, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.

“We have completed the delivery of the S-300 system,” Shoigu said according to Russia Today (RT) adding that the system consisted of 49 pieces of military equipment, such as radars, control vehicles and four launchers.

Israel’s Defense Minister Liberman meets with Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu, to discuss planned S-300 missiles shipments to Syria.

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Russian plane possibly shot down accidentally during attack in Syria

U.S. source reports Russian aircraft was shot down by ground-to-air defensive missile originally meant to thwart suspected Israeli attack on weapons’ depot on the eastern outskirts of Latakia.

By i24NEWS


Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday said one of its planes carrying 14 people on board “disappeared from the radar during the Israeli attack” after Syria’s state media reported that its air defenses had engaged a barrage of rockets fired from the ocean.

According to the statement radars also recorded the launch of missiles from a French frigate stationed in the Mediterranean.

Russian Il-20 turbo-prop surveillance plane.- Photo: Kirill Naumenko/Wikipedia

US officials speaking on condition of anonymity claimed the Russian plane was shot down by the Syrian air defenses trying to thwart a suspected Israeli airstrike.

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Russia joins UN patrols along Syria-Israel frontier

With the return of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force to the frontier between Syria and Israel, Russia announces its military police will assist them until all UN patrols along the border are fully restored.

The Associated Press


The Russian military said Tuesday that its forces in Syria will help UN peacekeepers fully restore patrols along the volatile frontier between Syria and the Israeli Golan Heights.

The Russian deployment in the area has highlighted Moscow’s growing clout in the region, marking a successful attempt to balance the sharply conflicting interests of Israel and Iran.

Syrian army soldier stands guard as Russian military police vehicle passes by near the town of Alhureyeh – Photo: AP

“The Russian flag is the guarantor of peace and security on that land,” said Lt. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu to Putin: S-300 missile defense system in Syria is unacceptable

Israel outlines its ‘red line’ to Moscow in what Jerusalem sees as regional game-changer, vis-a-vis missile defense system allowed to be sent to Assad regime.

By Nitzan Keidar


Israel has sent a clear message to Russia in the past 24 hours that the sale of the advanced S-300 missile defense system to the Syrian regime will cross a red line.

A political source who revealed the message in a conversation with Arutz Sheva stated that the message was conveyed following a Russian Defense Ministry announcement that Moscow was reconsidering the sale of arms to the Syrians following the joint attack on Syria by the US, Britain, and France Friday night. Continue Reading »

Senior Russian military official met with Nasrallah about Syrian ceasefire

Lebanon’s Al-Nashra news website reports a “senior” Russian military official delivered a letter to Hezbollah’s chief on behalf of Russian leadership detailing ceasefire conditions, that Iran and  the Lebanese militia were obligated to comply with even though they were not involved in the agreement.

By i24NEWS


A senior Russian military official met with the chief of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Beirut and expressed, on behalf of the Russian leadership, that the Lebanon-based group would take on a role in the next phase of the Syrian war, Lebanon’s Al-Nashra news website reported Monday.

The report did not indicate when the meeting took place. Continue Reading »

Report: Israel satellite photographs expose hidden Russian missile cache in Syria


Israel TV2 reports local satellite intel apparently proved what western intelligence agencies have long suspected: Syria is in possession of a wide array of Russia’s most advanced missiles.



An Israeli spy satellite has discovered a number of Russian mobile short-range ballistic missiles stockpiled in Syria, Channel 2 reported Friday.

9T250-1 Transport Loader for Iskander-M system, view from above - Photo: Wikimedia Commons

9T250-1 Transport Loader for Iskander-M system, view from above – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In high definition photos taken by the Israeli “Eros B” satellite, the weapons, dubbed “Iskander” missiles, are clearly seen on trucks inside an army base in Latakia, located in western Syria.

The pictures seemingly prove what western intelligence agencies have long suspected: Russia has provided Syria with a wide array of the most advanced missiles in its possession. Continue Reading »

Report: Russian withdrawal from Syria due to exasperation with Iran & Hezbollah


Saudi source reports Russian forces did not receive the ground support they expected from Hezbollah, and the leadership had substantial strategic differences with the Iranians on their view of the conflict.



Russia decided to partially withdrawal its troop from Syria due to Moscow’s disappointment over failures by pro-regime Iranian and Hezbollah forces to achieve victories against opposition forces fighting to topple the Assad government, the Saudi news-site Elaph reported Monday night.

MiG-29 jet fighters of the Russian aerobatic team Strizhi outside Moscow, Russia, August 30, 2015. – Photo: REUTERS

According to the report, Russia had been concerned about air support and bombed regions where Iranian and Hezbollah troops were located to face off Syrian opposition elements and Islamic State militants. Continue Reading »

Moscow reports it has proof rebels behind Damascus chemical attack

New York Times reports the UN investigation indicated Assad’s elite forces were behind the sarin attack that left more than 1,400 people dead.

By , DPA and Reuters


A senior Russian official Wednesday said that Syria had handed over new evidence showing that rebels had used chemical weapons in a deadly attack near Damascus last month.

Members of the UN investigation team take samples from the ground in the Damascus countryside

Members of the UN investigation team take samples from the ground in the Damascus countryside of Zamalka, Syria. – Photo: AP


Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said details provided by the Syrian government would bolster claims supported by Moscow that President Bashar Assad was not responsible for the August 21 attack, which the United States says killed more than 1,400 people. Continue Reading »

China supports Russian plan placing Syria’s chemical weapons under int’l control


China announces support for Russian plan, so France is drafting a UN resolution for Syrian chemical weapons to be place under international control.



French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said France would propose a United Nations Security Council resolution setting out conditions for Syria to place its chemical weapons under international control and accept that they will be dismantled, a plan that could avert planned US military strikes in response to the country’s suspected use of its arsenal on civilians.
Syrian civilians take part in a candlelight vigil in solidarity with Syrian civilians killed.

Syrian civilians take part in a candlelight vigil in solidarity with Syrian civilians killed. – Photo: REUTERS

US President Barack Obama has argued that Syrian President Bashar Assad, fighting to continue his family’s four-decade rule, apparently used chemical weapons against its own population in an attack on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21.

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US & Russia position warships for Syrian confrontation


U.S. moves USS Nimitz aircraft carrier into Red Sea to help support possible assault.

Russian reconnaissance ship getting into position in the eastern Mediterranean.

Israel sends home its reserves for the meantime as it dials back its missile defenses.

By Shlomo Cesana, Lilach Shoval, Mati Tuchfeld and Reuters


The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and other ships in its strike group are heading west toward the Red Sea to help support a limited U.S. strike on Syria, if needed, defense officials said on Sunday.

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Russian weapons export shipments to Assad increasing


REPORT: The number of cargo ships sailing to Syria from a Ukrainian port used by Russia’s arms export monopoly has increased sharply.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


MOSCOW — More than two years into Syria’s civil war, President Bashar Assad is settling his bills for Russian arms orders through the Russian banking system to try to shore up ties with his most powerful ally, according to a Russian arms industry source.

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World leaders ‘concerned’ over Syrian uranium stockpile

US & Mideast officials fear Iran may be trying take possession of uranium stockpile left over from Syria’s nuclear program.

By Ynet


Nuclear experts in the US and Middle East have raised concerns about the security of up to 50 metric tons of unenriched uranium in Syria, the Financial Times reported Tuesday.

Such a stockpile could be a vital resource to building a nuclear bomb and could have disastrous implications if seized by Iran.

נשיא איראן אחמדינג'אד עם אסד (ארכיון)                (צילום: רויטרס)

Syria’s Assad with Iran’s Ahmadinejad. – Photo: Reuters

Not much is known about the Syrian nuclear program, and the country denied ever having had one. Continue Reading »