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Totally unnoticed but immensely profitable, Israel-UAE diamond industry

The diamantaires in the UAE and Israel are keen on keeping their businesses performing well and making a profit, as Israel exported $7.9 billion in diamonds last year.

By Ronen Shnidman


If you enter one office among the many in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, you will find a mezuzah on the door, much the same as those many Jews place at the entrance to their homes and workplaces. What is this visible symbol of Jewish identity doing in the financial center of the United Arab Emirates, a state that does not have official diplomatic relations with Israel? Well, it is actually just the tip of the iceberg of burgeoning trade ties between the Jewish state and the Persian Gulf state, driven in large by the diamond trade. Continue Reading »

Dubai teams with Israel to supply tourists with rent-a-car

Since Dubai isn’t on the ‘Enemy State’ list like Syria, Iran, Iraq & Lebanon, it’s internet company will offer services in Israel to tourists.



A Dubai-based Internet company on Thursday announced that it would offer services in Israel, an unusual move given that the United Arab Emirates and Israel have no formal diplomatic or economic relations.

Dubai from Burj Khalifa – Photo: REUTERS

The company, travelauto.com, is an online marketplace for car rentals, allowing users to select from a variety of local car rentals through their web portal. Though the company will not be opening an office in Israel, it sent representatives to Israel to vet the local rental providers and sign deals with them. Continue Reading »