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Dubai official: ‘It’s time Gulf states normalized ties with Israel’

REPORT: Long-time critic of the Palestinian leadership, corruption and abandonment of their responsibilities to the people, former Dubai Police Chief stirs controversy on Twitter by calling out neighboring Gulf States for pretending they do not wish they had open ties with Israel.

By ILH Staff


Former Dubai Police Chief Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim sparked controversy over the weekend when, in a series of tweets, he called on of Persian Gulf states and the rest of the Arab world to admit they want to establish open diplomatic relations with Israel, Channel 12 News reported on Saturday.

Tamim is known as the police officer who exposed the Mossad intelligence agency’s connection to the 2010 assassination of Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades co-founder Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Continue Reading »

Next Palestinian autocrat: ‘We’ll retract recognition of Israel’

Palestinian Authority’s Vice Chairman threatens to terminate security coordination with the IDF and retract its recognition of the State of Israel, if Jerusalem’s freeze on Palestinian terror payments continues.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Palestinian Authority (PA) Vice Chairman Mahmoud Aloul on Monday said that if Israel continues freezing tax funds, the PA will cease security coordination with Israel and retract its recognition of the State of Israel, Israel Hayom reported.

Israel’s cabinet in February approved the implementation of the freeze on funds to the Palestinian Authority. The law, which passed in July 2018 with a majority of 87 Knesset members, offset 502,697,000 shekels ($138,426,818) from funds transferred from Israel to the PA. Continue Reading »

PLO Central Council suspends recognition of the State of Israel

The PLO said that it would rescind its recognition of Israel until the Jewish State recognizes the ‘State of Palestine’ at the pre-1967 lines with east Jerusalem as its capital; adoption of the PLO Central Council’s recommendation essentially brings the Oslo Accord to an end.



Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon slammed the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday, after the PLO Central Council decided to suspend its recognition of the state of Israel late Monday night.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon – Photo: Wikimedia\dikla bassist shafrir

The PLO said that it would rescind its recognition of Israel until the Jewish state recognizes the state of Palestine at the pre-1967 lines with east Jerusalem as its capital. Continue Reading »

Revealed: It’s Forbidden for Palestinians to “recognize the State of Israel”

WATCH: A Palestinian boxer forfeited his match rather than compete against an Israeli, “because it is beneath our dignity to compete with them and recognize the State of Israel.”

By Tzvi Lev


Acbag Sultan, an Arab boxer residing in Ramallah, pulled out of a scheduled match against Israeli Amit Mdah on August 9. His decision to forfeit rather then fight an Israeli handed Mdah the bronze medal at the IFMA Youth Muay Thai World Championships.

In a new video released by Palestinian Media Watch, Sultan admits that he was forced to pull out of the match by the Palestinian Olympic Committee. Continue Reading »

Kuwaiti columnist advises Arab world: Time to Recognize Israel


Popular Kuwaiti writer pens article calling on Arab, Muslim world to accept fait accompli by giving up on political charade and to ‘immediately recognize Israel,’ drop terms like ‘Zionist entity,’ as most Arab and Islamic companies and businessmen have already done.

By David Rosenberg


Yousuf Abd Al-Karim Al-Zinkawi, a writer for the Kuwaiti-based Al-Seyassah newspaper has called for Arab and Muslim countries to “immediately recognize Israel,” telling them to drop monikers used to maintain the pretense of non-recognition such as “the Zionist entity.”

Flag of Kuwait – Thinkstock

Al-Zinkawi, a frequent critic of religious intolerance within the Arab world, dedicated his column on Saturday to the long-standing refusal of most Arab and Muslim countries to recognize the State of Israel, MEMRI reports.
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