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At Israel’s Request YouTube Pulls Palestinian Videos Seeking The Murder Of Israeli Jews


Israel’s Foreign Ministry opens department that monitor social networks for inciting material against Jews, and called on Israelis to report such material as well.

By i24news


Israel said Monday that YouTube had taken down Palestinian videos that the Jewish state considered to be “inciting murder” at a time of increasingly deadly unrest.

Videos of Palestinians stabbing Israelis or calling for such attacks as well as footage of rioters throwing stones at Israeli soldiers have been shared on the Internet.

Palestinians throw stones at Israeli Forces October 9, 2015 – ABBAS MOMANI/AFP

Others showing Israeli officers shoot dead alleged attackers have also helped galvanize Palestinian youths, with violence since the start of the month leading to warnings of the risk of a full-scale uprising, or third intifada. Continue Reading »

Numerous Palestinian Videos on Killing Jews is Inciting Latest Wave of Terror


view videoWATCH: In chilling video, Israel’s Foreign Ministry details how ‘PA culture of hate & incitement is to blame’ for latest wave of barbaric attacks on Israeli Jews.

By Hillel Fendel


To offset the disinformation and propaganda being spread against Israel even as a wave of Palestinian Arab terrorism engulfs the country, Israel’s Foreign Ministry has released a short summary of the reasons for the recent unrest that has led to four Israeli deaths, dozens wounded, and widespread Arab rioting.

​”The recent series of attacks against Israelis is the direct result of incitement by radical Islamist and terrorist elements,” the Foreign Ministry statement reads. Continue Reading »

Foreign Press Association Protest Israel’s Foreign Ministry Over ‘Denigrating’ Gaza Press Coverage

By i24news


Israel’s foreign ministry has taken down a video that angered foreign journalists by ridiculing their coverage of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, saying it had been “misinterpreted.”

Israeli video showing foreign correspondent taken in by Hamas – YouTube screenshot

“The goal of the video was to illustrate the crimes of Hamas,” ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said on Sunday. “When that was misinterpreted, we decided to remove it.” Continue Reading »

Israel Foreign Ministry Supplying Desalination Vehicle to Marshall Islands

Israel to supply the first water purification vehicle to the Pacific island nation, which suffers from serious water shortages.

By Anav Silverman, Tazpit News Agency


The Pacific island nation known as the Marshall Islands will soon have its first water purification vehicle – thanks to Israel.

Water purification vehicle – Photo: G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd.

The Israel Foreign Ministry is supplying desalination vehicle to the tiny nation with a population of about 70,000 people. Located near the equator in the northern Pacific Ocean, the Marshall Islands suffers from a serious water shortage, which Israel hopes to help the country overcome.

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