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Historic²: Israel and Kosovo establish full diplomatic ties over Zoom

In a uniquely held ceremony via a Zoom meeting on Monday, Israel and Muslim-majority Kosovo officially established diplomatic ties Monday.



The ceremony, which according to Israel’s Foreign Ministry is the first of its kind in the world, saw agreements signed by Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, and then scanned and sent to his Kosovar counterpart Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla in the capital of Pristina.

In her official capacity, the Kosovo Foreign Minister Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla, adopted the IHRA working definition of antisemitism last week on International Holocaust Memorial Day, which among other things defines certain anti-Israel activity as antisemitic. Continue Reading »

EU admits Palestinians affiliated with terror groups receive funds

Israel’s Foreign Ministry summons the EU envoy to Jerusalem in response to the Representative for the West Bank & Gaza, saying, Palestinian grantees may include those who are affiliated with blacklisted terrorist organizations.

By i24NEWS


Palestinians affiliated with terrorist groups will still be eligible to participate in programs and activities funded by the European Union, EU representative for the West Bank and Gaza Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorff stated in a letter last week.

“While the entities and groups included in the EU restrictive lists cannot benefit from EU-funded activities, it is understood that a natural person affiliated to, sympathizing with, or supporting any of the groups mentioned in the EU restrictive lists is not excluded from benefiting from EU-funded activities, unless his/her exact name and surname… corresponds to any of the natural persons on the EU restrictive lists,” the letter, dated March 30, states. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Foreign Ministry’s Arabic Twitter poll found 57% of Arabs wanted to visit Israel

During the 24-hours the survey was posted on Israel’s Foreign Ministry’s Arabic Twitter page, hundreds responded with most showing interest in visiting Israel, while some expressed their disdain with Israel.
• Iraqi: ‘My dream to visit Israel’
• Riyadh resident: ‘Israel is better than all Arab states’
• Foreign Ministry says hundreds of messages are sent daily from Arab countries.

By Daniel Siryoti


An international survey in Arabic by Israel’s Foreign Ministry this week drew thousands of responses and found that a majority of respondents, 57%, expressed interest in visiting Israel.

“I am Iraqi, and I am interested in visiting Israel,” one Twitter user wrote in a post to the Foreign Ministry’s Arabic Twitter page. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem asks Washington to nullify Obama’s sanctioned anti-Israel UNSC Resolution 2334


Israel’s Foreign Ministry seeks to garner support for abating undue UN criticism and exaggerated focus on Israel by slashing their budget and manpower resources dedicated to just anti-Israel scrutiny, as well as the disproportionate number of Security Council resolutions continuously presented against Israel (at the behest of the Palestinians).

By Itamar Eichner


The Israeli Foreign Ministry appealed this week to US Envoy to the UN Nikki Haley to nullify Security Council Resolution 2334 which calls for an end to settlement construction while simultaneously declaring them illegal, both in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem.

The issue was just one in a series of requests made to Haley, in an effort to garner American support in implementing a number of changes vis-a-vis the world body’s treatment of Israel. Continue Reading »

Hunger strike organizer Barghouti transferred to different prison, placed in isolation


In an effort to thwart an organized hunger strike of nearly 1000 Palestinian prisoners, jailed Fatah leader was moved to a different prison.

By i24NEWS


The imprisoned Fatah leader, Marwan Barghouti, who led the charge on a mass hunger strike among Palestinian prisoners on Sunday, was moved to a new prison and put in isolation Monday, reported Palestinian and Israeli media.

According to reports, he was transferred along with three other prisoners from Israel’s Hadarim prison to Jalama prison, north of Jenin in an effort to thwart the ongoing hunger strike among nearly 1000 Palestinian prisoners.

A banner with Marwan Barghouti’s image at an anti-Israel demonstration.

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Arabic-language media representatives from Algeria and Tunisia in Israel


Israel’s Foreign Ministry hosts a North African media delegation of journalists & bloggers from Algeria and Tunisia in its 6th such initiative of bringing Arabic-language media representatives to empirically learn the truth about the Jewish State.

By Itamar Eichner


Six North African bloggers and journalists have arrived in Israel as guests of the foreign ministry at the invitation of the Deputy Spokesman for Arab Media, Hassan Kaabiya.This is the sixth such initiative undertaken to bring Arabic-language media representatives to Israel.

North African Bloggers visiting the Temple Mount – Photo courtesy

Until now, journalists from Morocco have come to Israel, but this is the first time journalists from Algeria and Tunisia have paid a visit.

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Israel’s National Security Council foiled the Palestinian attempt to enter Interpol


Prime Minister Netanyahu on Tuesday morning thanked the official’s of Israel’s Foreign Office and the National Security Council for successfully preventing the Palestinian bid to join Interpol.

By Yoel Domb


Prime Minister Netanyahu said Tuesday that Israel had prevented the Palestinian Authority from joining Interpol. Netanyahu was speaking at the inauguration of the new railway system in the Jezreel Valley.

Netanyahu - Screenshot

Netanyahu – Screenshot

“This morning we foiled an attempt by the Palestinians to join Interpol. This would have constituted a change in Israel’s international status. The matter was achieved through intensive work by Foreign Office officials and the National Security Council and I am grateful to them for their efforts.” Continue Reading »

Foreign Ministry video of Israel history upsets anti-Israel Arab Knesset Member


WATCH: A new video produced by the Israel’s Foreign Ministry, that depicts a Jewish couple’s home as being constantly claimed by foreign invaders, has raised ire with MK Ahmad Tibi.

By Itamar Eichner


A new video recently put out by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which depicts a Jewish couple whose home is constantly claimed by foreign invaders, has raised ire.

Critics say the video, which seeks to present a humorous version of the history of the Land of Israel, has achieved the opposite goal by distorting Middle Eastern history, erasing the history of Israeli Arabs and ridiculing quite a few nations. Continue Reading »

Israeli back-packers detained for possession of forgotten bullets: This time in India & Egypt


Young Israelis recently discharged from the IDF are notoriously known for traveling with an unintentionally forgotten bullet in their back-packs. This weekend a recently-discharged soldier at the Taba Crossing to Egypt, and a young woman in New Delhi were both detained for having a rifle bullet in their luggage.

By Itamar Eichner


Over the weekend, two Israelis were arrested abroad—one in India and one at the Taba Crossing into Egypt—for having rifle bullets in their bags.

“R.” was flying to India via Moscow and was detained at the New Delhi airport on her way to Dharamshala. She was going though the security check before her connecting flight when a bullet was found that she had apparently forgotten about from her IDF service. Continue Reading »

Israel admits assisting Paraguay in fight against Hezbollah’s nefarious activities


Israel’s report stated that Hezbollah maintain a logistical base in South America and the Caribbean, with members, supporters, and facilitators engaging in illegal schemes that support and finance the Lebanese terrorist organization.



Israel is helping Paraguay take actions against Hezbollah in the Tri-Border area with Argentina and Brazil, the Foreign Ministry acknowledged on Wednesday while announcing the opening of the new embassy in Asuncion.

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#BDSfail: Brussels Airlines returns Israeli snack to menu after public protests


After thousands took to social media to expressed their outrage over the carrier’s capitulation to BDS pressure to remove the Achva halva snack, the Belgian Airline’s CEO pledged to keep Israeli products on its menus.

By Ilan Gattegno


Brussels Airlines announced Monday that it will reintroduce a popular Israeli snack to its menu. The item was removed from the Belgian carrier’s in-flight dessert options in July following pressure by a Palestinian group associated with the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Brussels Airlines no longer boycotting Israeli made halva

The airline had allegedly decided to take the Achva brand halva, an Israeli sesame snack, produced in a factory located in the Barkan Industrial Park in Judea and Samaria, off its menu following pressure from the Palestine Solidarity Movement, a group that often encourages the boycott of Israeli products. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Foreign Ministry threatened by chronic manpower shortages due to low wages


Five diplomatic missions are to be closed as Israel’s Foreign Ministry is in the midst of a severe manpower shortage, primarily due to budgetary shortfalls & low salaries.

By Itamar Eichner


The Foreign Ministry Appointments Council on Monday appointed 22 people to 22 different positions in Israeli diplomatic posts around the world. There were only 22 candidates to begin with – one applying to each position.

The rest of the positions are in countries considered “difficult,” such as Ethiopia, India, Peru, Nigeria, Kenya, and Nepal, where their tasks are seen as nearly impossible.

Foreign Ministry Cadets – Photo: Elram Mandel

This illustrates the scope of the deep manpower crisis in which the Foreign Minister finds itself. Continue Reading »

Arab journalists in Israel for unprecedented visit


Israeli’s Foreign Ministry hosted a delegation of 4 visiting Arab journalists who live in Europe as part of a new initiative, hoping their personal experience will erase the automatic bias, based on propaganda, when reporting to the Arabic-speaking world.

By Itamar Eichner


The Foreign Ministry hosted a delegation of Arab journalists who live in Europe in an effort to change negative coverage of  Israel.

“The visit to Israel was exciting and unique. It is a shame that most people in the Arab world are still filled with blind hatred and prejudice toward Israel,” said G.M., an Iraqi journalist living in exile in Germany. Continue Reading »

After protest by Israel CBS changes ‘biased & dishonest’ Palestinian terror headline




Israel’s Foreign Ministry reacted to what it called a “horrible headline” that the American CBS news outlet composed following a Jerusalem terror attack on Wednesday.

Aka team carries the dead bodies of Palestinian terrorists, who were shot dead by Israeli police after carrying out shooting and stabbing attack outside Damascus gate to Jerusalem’s Old City, February 3, 2016. – Photo: REUTERS

“3 Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on,” read the CBS headline.  At around 5:30 p.m. Israel time, CBS changed the headline to: “Israeli police kill 3 alleged Palestinian attackers.” Continue Reading »

Jerusalem reconsiders accepting EU’s involvement in peace process after biased labeling directive


Until Israel’s Foreign Ministry reaches decision after EU’s pro-Palestinian decision, all diplomatic ties with EU institutions concerning the Israel-Arab conflict will be suspended.
•Israel will continue cooperation with individual countries such as Germany, Hungary, Britain & France.

By i24news


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday instructed the Foreign Ministry to reassess the European Union’s involvement in the peace process with Palestinians, the Israeli news site Ynet News reported.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini speak to the media on May 20, 2015 – Photo: AFP/POOL/DAN BALILTY

The prime minister, “ordered suspension of diplomatic contacts with the institutions of the European Union and its representatives on this issue,” the foreign ministry said in a Hebrew-language statement. Continue Reading »