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Israeli medical delegation restores Philippines’ eyesight




Israel’s Medical delegation to Philippines treats patients with ‘growth-induced’ blindness. Removal of growth was made possible due to ingenuity of staff nurse who redesigned surgical tools to enable procedure.

‘Patients who all of a sudden could see after the operation were so excited – it’s a miracle happening before your very eyes,’ Dr. says

By Yoav Zitun

“The patients who all of a sudden could see after the operation were so excited – it’s a miracle happening before your very eyes,” the doctor said.The Israeli medical delegation to the Philippines has managed to restore the eyesight of four residents of the Philippines, aged 40 to 74, who were blind as a result of pterygia – growths in the eyes, associated with ultraviolet-light exposure, low humidity and dust. Continue Reading »

Israeli medical personnel delivered 12 babies in the Philippines

The 12 babies, most premature, were delivered in Israel’s field hospital. The newborns are being cared for in incubators brought by the IDF as part of their field hospital.



JERUSALEM — At least 12 babies, most premature, have been delivered in Israel’s field hospital in the Philippines — including one named Israel.

screenshot – NBC News

The hospital is seeing about 300 patients a day, many injured in last week’s Typhoon Haiyan or unable to care for chronic conditions due to lack of running water or electricity.  The premature babies are being cared for in incubators brought by the Israel Defense Forces as part of the field hospital.

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Philippines Thank Jerusalem for Disaster Relief



Philippine Ambassador thanked Israel for dispatching hundreds of doctors & medical staff to set up advanced field hospital in his disaster-stricken country.

By Israel Today Staff



Philippine Ambassador to Israel Generoso D.G. Calonge said his nation is most grateful for the immediate and overwhelming support provided by the Jewish state in the wake of super-typhoon Haiyan, which killed an estimated 10,000 people and left another 800,000 without food, water and shelter.

Philippines Thanks Israel for Disaster Aid

Members of the IDF Home Front Command Search and Rescue Unit depart for the Philippines.- Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Office

“I can’t describe the feeling right now… that my host country cares about our stricken people,” Calonge told The Jerusalem Post. Continue Reading »

Hundreds in Manila march for Israel

Despite their gov’t’s pro-Palestinian vote at UN, hundreds of Filipinos take to the streets to express their solidarity with Israel, with Hebrew songs blasting from loudspeakers & shofar blowing.

By Shay Yellin, Manila


Not long after the historical UN vote upgrading the Palestinians’ diplomatic status to a non-member observer state over the weekend, hundreds of Filipinos held a colorful and festive march in Manila in support of Israel, despite the fact that the Philippines government voted for the Palestinian status upgrade.

Some 300-400 Filipinos gathered in a busy Manila business district, some armed with huge signs, Israeli flags, white and blue balloons, loudspeakers booming songs in Hebrew, and even some shofarot. Continue Reading »