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‘BIG BANG’ star claims Linda Sarsour’s anti-Zionist statement as bigotry and irresponsible


Jewish-American actress Mayim Bialik responds to Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour’s claim that ‘Feminism & Zionism can’t coexist’ as untrue, bigoted, and watch Human Right’s activist Ayaan Hirsi, explain why Sarsour is a fake, since she supports Sharia Law: FGM, women as slaves, without equal right.



Jewish-American actress Mayim Bialik took to her website GrokNation this week to fire back at recent comments by Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour, who stated in an interview with The Nation that one cannot be both a Zionist and a feminist.

Mayim Bialik vs LInda Sarsour on a Zionist cannot be a feminist

“Are there things that happen in Israel and the Palestinian territories which cause pain and suffering to women? Continue Reading »

Pro-Palestinian reporter explains how covering conflict changed his mind


After a year working and living in Israel as a journalist covering  the conflict with the Palestinians, New England born & raised Hunter Stuart was forced to rethink his positions after seeing first-hand the truth about the conflict.

A View From The Frontlines, By Hunter Stuart


IN THE summer of 2015, just three days after I moved to Israel for a year-and-a-half stint freelance reporting in the region, I wrote down my feelings about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A friend of mine in New York had mentioned that it would be interesting to see if living in Israel would change the way I felt. Continue Reading »

WATCH LIVE: WOW- NYC comes alive with 51st Celebrate Israel parade

Watch: Netanyahu address parade participants. View Twitter feed as the parade features former Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball stars David Blu & Derrick Sharp, Grammy Award-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari, Golem, SHI 360, 12 marching bands and 29 floats.


Tens of thousands of people are set to march in solidarity with Israel in the 51st annual Celebrate Israel Parade in New York on Sunday.

A sea of orange, the RAJE float is marching #TogetherOnFifth - Twitter

A sea of orange, the RAJE float is marching #TogetherOnFifth – Twitter


This year’s Parade features Grammy Award-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari, Golem, SHI 360, Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball stars Derrick Sharp and David Blu, 29 floats, 12 marching bands and hundreds of thousands of spectators. Continue Reading »

The Silent Zionists: Israel’s Druze Communities

Who are Israel’s Druze? A personal and enlightening talk with former MK Ayoub Kara, a Druze leader, & his combat soldier nephew, Majid.

By Rochel Sylvetsky


The recent terrorist murder of Druze IDF Border Patrol Officer Jedan Assad by a Palestinian Arab driver who plowed intentionally into a group of people waiting for a light rail train in Jerusalem, once again brought the over 130,000 members of Israel’s Druze community into the public eye.

And during Operation Protective Edge, Druze IDF Colonel Rasan Alian of Horfesh, the commanding officer of the Golani Brigade, gained nationwide admiration for returning to the front to lead his soldiers shortly after being seriously wounded. Continue Reading »

Watch: Moroccan Poet Criticizes Arab Conquest and Defends Zionism

Malika Mezzane, a Moroccan poet says ‘Jews want the right to return to their homeland, whereas Arabs want to establish a homeland at everyone else’s expense.’

By Ari Soffer


Not long ago, Arutz Sheva reported on the curious case of Malika Mezzane – a Moroccan poet and human rights activist who caused a storm by insisting that “Palestine belongs to the Jews” in a radio interview.

Malika Mezzane - YouTube screenshot

Malika Mezzane – YouTube screenshot

Now, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has translated a fascinating TV interview by Mezzane in which she explains why, in her view, “the Arabs are more ‘Zionist’ than the Jews”, and insists that Arab nationalism has been realized at the expense of all the other nations of the Middle East – including Jews and her own people, the Amazigh (also known as Berbers). Continue Reading »

Four Irish visitors’ view of Israel’s ‘Troubles’

After a visit to Israel 2 weeks ago, a group of 4 Northern Irish shared their impressions.



Michael Copeland, a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, recalls a recent protest near his office in Belfast during Operation Protective Edge. “There was civil disorder, with people waving Palestinian and Israeli flags.” He also recalls how Israeli goods were removed from stores, one of many vignettes of how the conflict played itself out in Europe. “The world’s press does not do Israel great justice,” Copeland notes.

A FLAG comprising of various elements including the Ulster Banner and the Star of David

A FLAG comprising of various elements including the Ulster Banner and the Star of David.

Continue Reading »

Jon Stewart: Criticizing Israel doesn’t constitute being anti-Israel

Daily Show host Jon Stewart talks about his directorial debut ‘Rosewater’ filmed in Jordan & explains why it wasn’t shot in Israel .

By Talia Lavin


JTA – Jon Stewart’s directorial film debut, “Rosewater,” is set to premiere at film festivals in the United States and Canada this September. So the Hollywood Reporter took the opportunity to grab some golden quotes (and glam shots) of the iconic “Daily Show” comedian about filming in the Middle East — and his own take on the region’s politics.

Jon Stewart during a taping of 'The Daily Show with John Stewart.'

This October 18, 2012 file photo shows host Jon Stewart during a taping of ‘The Daily Show with John Stewart,’ in New York.

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Presbyterians reject their church’s anti-Zionist study guide

The Church’s guide, ‘Zionism Unsettled,’ proposes that the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is fueled by a ‘pathology inherent in Zionism.’




Presbyterians who engage in dialogue with Jewish groups are scrambling to undo what they say is the damage caused by a congregational study guide assailing Zionism distributed by a group affiliated with their denomination.

The 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) on Thursday, July 5, 2012.

People listen to a session of the 220th General Assembly (2012) of the Presbyterian Church (USA) on Thursday, July 5, 2012, in Pittsburgh. Photo: AP

The guide, “Zionism Unsettled,” posits that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is fueled by a “pathology inherent in Zionism” and rejects theologies — Christian and Jewish — that uphold Zionism.

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Hungarian activist attacked by racist soccer fans ahead of Jewish Congress

After arguing with a group of supporters chanting a Nazi slogan, Ferenc Orosz, chairman of the Raoul Wallenberg Association, says he was assaulted at a local soccer match just days before Hungary is due to host the World Jewish Congress.

By Reuters


The head of a Hungarian anti-racism group said far-right soccer fans shouted “Sieg Heil” and attacked him, breaking his nose days before the country is due to host the World Jewish Congress.

Supporters of Hungary's far right Jobbik party.

Supporters of Hungary’s far right Jobbik party march in protest of the government’s economic policies in Budapest, Hungary, May 12, 2012. Photo: AP

Ferenc Orosz, chairman of the Raoul Wallenberg Association, told Reuters he was assaulted after arguing with a group of supporters chanting the Nazi slogan at a match between the Hungarian teams Videoton and Ferencvaros in Budapest on Sunday. Continue Reading »

My View from Istanbul: When, How Did Hatred Become a Religion?

The more a Muslim country is opposed to  America & Israel, the more prestige it has gained among other Muslim countries. Hatred has become a sign of religious devotion. Hatred has become religion.

By Aylin Kocaman


For some, religious devotion has long been “hatred”. If a Muslim hates Jews, Christians, Zionists and Freemasons, then that is considered being devout. Some religious teachers and people who claim to be scholars have enjoyed a great deal of success in that way; they have made a niche for themselves and so much so that the more they have expressed a policy of hatred of Jews, the more crimes they have laid at America’s door, and the more damage they have inflicted on other schools, the more admiration they have acquired. Continue Reading »

For some Muslims, ‘Zionism’ means something completely different

After 1000’s of years, we are now witnessing God’s promise in the Qur’an & in the Torah, with our own eyes, in the return of the Jews to Israel.



Many Muslims dislike the word “Zionism.” A great many of these are actually people who like Jews. They have no complaint about the existence of Israel. But they always object to the word Zionism. In their eyes, Zionists are bad people who cause war and unrest. Zionists are supposedly even behind many tragedies in the world.

A mosque in Turkey

A mosque in Turkey – Photo: Reuters

The reason for this is that for years the name Zionism has been thought to be part of the different and false belief known as “goyim.” Continue Reading »

What turned Nicky Larkin into an Irish Zionist?


Filmmaker, Nicky Larkin’s views were pro-Palestinian, but in a moment of clarity while making his film, his attitude changed.

“I remember thinking that if I was sitting in Dublin or Belfast or London, I wouldn’t have heard about the rockets or the kid getting killed – I’d have only heard about the nasty Israelis going in and bombing the s*** out of the poor Gazans.”


With red hair shorn to the scalp, a tattooed forearm, freckled white skin and a pint of beer in front of him (albeit Goldstar, not Guinness), filmmaker Nicky Larkin looks every inch your stereotypical Irishman. Continue Reading »

Hundreds in Manila march for Israel

Despite their gov’t’s pro-Palestinian vote at UN, hundreds of Filipinos take to the streets to express their solidarity with Israel, with Hebrew songs blasting from loudspeakers & shofar blowing.

By Shay Yellin, Manila


Not long after the historical UN vote upgrading the Palestinians’ diplomatic status to a non-member observer state over the weekend, hundreds of Filipinos held a colorful and festive march in Manila in support of Israel, despite the fact that the Philippines government voted for the Palestinian status upgrade.

Some 300-400 Filipinos gathered in a busy Manila business district, some armed with huge signs, Israeli flags, white and blue balloons, loudspeakers booming songs in Hebrew, and even some shofarot. Continue Reading »

Zionist youth movement says being forced out of Israeli town on ‘ideological’ grounds

Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed movement claims it’s being forced out of Galilee town on ‘ideological’ grounds.

The Kfar Tavor municipality in the Lower Galilee has ordered the town’s only youth movement to cease all activities, following advice from the directors of the local community center. For 20 years the Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed movement was Kfar Tavor’s only youth group. However, officials of the community center, which is responsible for the town’s informal education programs, said it was “dissatisfied” with the group’s performance.


Members of the  Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed youth group.

Members of the Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed youth group. - Photo by Yaron Kaminsky


The youth group, whose name means “working and studying youth,” claims the decision was made because community center officials were rebuffed in their efforts to influence the movement’s programming. Continue Reading »

Pupils learn to buy Israeli chocolate, tomatoes

‘We Are Blue and White’ curriculum, launched last year as a pilot program, will be taught to 50,000 pupils each year, in hope that they will influence their parents’ choices


A new addition to the school curriculum is encouraging Israeli pupils to opt for the Shahar brand of chocolate spread, eat Pri Hagalil canned goods, and put fresh cherry tomatoes in their salads. The program, which focuses on buying Israeli goods, also teaches the children about leading Israeli innovations like the flash drive, ICQ, and drip irrigation.

Tomatoes - buy Israeli Photo: Index Open

Tomatoes; buy Israeli - Photo: Index Open

The new program, launched by the Education Ministry and the Industry, Trade, and Labor Ministry, is intended to instill in pupils a sense of pride in Israeli industry and products and convey the message that if Israelis don’t buy locally-produced goods, employment will drop and families won’t be able to make a living. Continue Reading »