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VIDEO: Tel Aviv parking garage collapse, killing 2, wounding 18


view videoOngoing development: Search & rescue teams still working to extricate victims buried in rubble of collapsed parking garage in the center of Tel Aviv.

Arutz Sheva Staff


An underground parking garage under construction in Tel Aviv collapsed Monday morning, leaving two dead and some 18 people injured. One of the dead was a 35-year-old man, according to Channel 10 Television.

The incident occurred in the Ramat Hahayal neighborhood in northern Tel Aviv, an area with a large number of hi-tech firms.

MDA emergency responders said one person was seriously injured in the collapse. Witnesses say he appeared to be in his mid-20s and was a worker at the site.

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2 IDF soldiers attacked after mistakenly entering Arab village


IDF, Shin Bet & Special Forces swarmed into Palestinian village of Qalandiya in large number in search of 2 soldiers who got separated after firebomb attack, but luckily escaped the mob of rioters & were extracted unharmed.

By Elisha Ben Kimon, Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun


Two non-combat soldiers from the IDF’s Oketz (canine) Unit came under attack after accidentally driving into the Qalandiya refugee camp on Monday night.

Fire in Qalandiya.

Fire in Qalandiya.

Palestinians hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at them, which set the army vehicle on fire. The two soldiers were able to escape the vehicle, but got separated.

IDF, Shin Bet and Special Forces swarmed into the camp in large numbers to search for the two soldiers, surrounding the camp, firing flash bang grenades into the air, with helicopters flying overhead. Continue Reading »

Young Woman Becomes IDF Combat Soldier In Unit That Saved Her Grandmother

Full circle: 2 years after her grandmother was rescued by an IDF Search & Rescue team sent to the devastation in the Philippines, Israeli-born Joanna Chris Afron trains to save lives by becoming a combat soldier in the same IDF unit that saved her grandmother.

By Adva Cohen


Joanna Chris Arfon, 19, understands the importance of the unit in which she serves more than anyone else. When she enlisted in the IDF, Arfon, an Israeli of Filipino descent, asked to join the search and rescue unit of the Home Front Command, after soldiers from the unit saved her grandmother from a vicious typhoon that hit the Philippines.  Continue Reading »

WATCH: Whenever a disaster strikes, the IDF is one of the first to volunteer

Israel’s national policy of ‘Tikun Olam’ (repairing the world) has been consistent, by sending 24 delegations to 22 countries, that have been struck by disasters in the last 30 years.

By Israel Today Staff


When countries have been struck by natural disasters, the IDF regularly lends a helping a hand and has sent delegations of medical and rescue staff to those places. The delegations consist mostly of specially trained reserve soldiers from the IDF’s Search and Rescue Unit.

IDF soldiers at humanitarian field hospital assembled in Nepal – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson unit

In total, 24 delegations have been sent to 22 countries that have been struck by disasters in the last 30 years. Continue Reading »

Photo Album: Israel’s Medical Assistance in Nepal Begins

First humanitarian mission aircraft has landed in Nepal. Israel’s priorities:
Search & rescue survivors from the rubble
Assemble IDF field hospital to begin rendering medical attention to the injured
Locate Israelis and return them home


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel has been providing assistance to Israelis, Nepalese and others since receiving the first reports of the earthquake that hit Nepal.
The Ministry, via Israel in Nepal, is aiding Israelis in the stricken area and is in touch with the families of Israeli travelers who have not yet established contact.

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Netanyahu to Nepal Search & Rescue teams: “This is the real face of Israel”

Israel’s PM Netanyahu & President Rivlin praise the Jewish State’s  Search & Rescue team members as they make their way to Nepal to aid trapped Israelis and injured locals.

By Itamar Eichner


Prime Minister Benjamin  spoke Sunday with the head of the Israeli rescue mission to Nepal following a devastating earthquake and wished him luck in their attempt to find the missing Israelis and help with local rescue missions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Olivier Fitoussi, Haaretz)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Photo: Olivier Fitoussi, Haaretz

Colonel Yoram Lerdo heads the team, which includes a mobile hospital and is charged with finding Israelis and helping the wounded or stranded. Continue Reading »

Watch: Becoming an IDF Search and Rescue Soldier in 90 Seconds

Watch the incredible journey of an IDF soldier who documented his intense 8-month training on the way to becoming an IDF combat soldier.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A soldier from the Home Front Command’s Combat Search and Rescue Brigade documented his intense eight months of training on the way to receiving his orange beret and becoming an IDF combat soldier.

Becoming a combat soldier in 90 seconds #IDFStyle

The result is the following 90-second video feature released by the IDF:


View original Arutz Sheva publication at: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/188027#.VHrSw8nVIn4 Continue Reading »

Israelis go out of their way to save stranded Nepal trekkers


One healthcare worker says the locals are “amazed” at solidarity among the Israelis.
• Israel’s Harel Insurance charters helicopter to airlift Israelis
• IDF, Magen David Adom, & other organizations dispatch specialists in search & rescue of Israelis

By Shlomo Cesana, Eli Leon, Nitzi Yakov, Meital Yasur Beit-Or, Ilan Gattegno


The Nepalese government’s search and rescue operation in the Himalayas has entered its fifth day, less than a week after hundreds of trekkers were caught off guard by a blizzard and an avalanche in the popular Annapurna Range.

Israelis embraced each other in Katmandu after being rescued from the Annapurna Range – Photo: AFP

Nepalese authorities have confirmed the death of 43 people, including 3 Israelis.

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5th Day of Operation ‘Bring Back Our Brothers’: IDF arrest 200, cleaning house in Nablus


Israel’s search for missing Jewish teens enters 5th day, with additional arrests, now totaling 200.

Senior IDF source: We’re expanding search area &’cleaning house’ in ‘terror capital of Nablus.’

By Yoav Zitun


Operation ‘Bring Back Our Brothers’ is entering its fifth day Tuesday, with over 200 Palestinians arrested, 41 of which overnight, as the search for Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel continues.

IDF forces in Nablus, Monday night (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

IDF forces in Nablus, Monday night – Photo: IDF Spokesman

The three teens were apparently kidnapped Thursday night and no group or organization has made any accepted claims of responsibility for the abduction. The working conclusion is that Hamas operatives kidnapped the teens though it is unclear if the organization’s leadership sanctioned the attack. Continue Reading »

IDF Chopper Gets Expectant Mother to Hospital on Time

IDF’s elite search and rescue unit, Unit 669, managed to land a helicopter in a snowbound Shomron community to fly a woman in labor to hospital in time to deliver. 

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A woman living in the snowbound hilltop community of Yitzhar in the Shomron (Samaria) phoned the town’s crisis center on Shabbat (Saturday) morning and informed them that she is in labor.

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Entered into service in 1994. A transport helicopter which features in rescue and evacuation missions, as well as tactical assault transport actions. Its Hebrew nickname is ‘Yanshuf’ (‘Owl’). - IDF Spokesperson Unit

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk
Entered into service in 1994. A transport helicopter which features in rescue and evacuation missions, as well as tactical assault transport actions. Its Hebrew nickname is ‘Yanshuf’ (‘Owl’). – IDF Spokesperson Unit

The community’s medical team was rushed to the house and advised that she be taken to the hospital immediately. Continue Reading »

IDF’s new emergency field hospital will treat 250 patients per day

Nice to know the IDF is a step ahead…


In times of national disaster, war or even a shutdown of ordinary hospitals, the IDF’s new emergency field hospital will provide assistance & medical care to those injured in field by using the newest & most advanced medical gear.

By Yoav Zitun

According to Kryce, “during the Yom Kippur War, a third of the deaths were injured for a period of time before they were treated. During Operation Peace for Galilee the figure stood at 22% and in the Second Lebanon War – 15%. Our target, similar to what the Americans achieved in Afghanistan and Iraq, is to lower the figure to single-digit. Continue Reading »

Israel’s emergency medical team leaves Philippines



The Israel Defense Forces emergency medical team left  the Philippines 11 days after arriving there to aid typhoon victims.

The Israeli mission in the Philippines delivers a baby, Nov. 15, 2013.- Photo by Twitter account of IDF spokesman Peter Lerner

The Israeli mission in the Philippines delivers a baby, Nov. 15, 2013.- Photo Twitted by IDF spokesman Peter Lerner

The 148-person medical team vacated the IDF’s emergency field hospital in Bogo City on Monday after treating more than 2,600 patients, including 800 children. The team also conducted 52 surgeries and delivered 36 babies.

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Israeli medical personnel delivered 12 babies in the Philippines

The 12 babies, most premature, were delivered in Israel’s field hospital. The newborns are being cared for in incubators brought by the IDF as part of their field hospital.



JERUSALEM — At least 12 babies, most premature, have been delivered in Israel’s field hospital in the Philippines — including one named Israel.

screenshot – NBC News

The hospital is seeing about 300 patients a day, many injured in last week’s Typhoon Haiyan or unable to care for chronic conditions due to lack of running water or electricity.  The premature babies are being cared for in incubators brought by the Israel Defense Forces as part of the field hospital.

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View NBC News clip on Israeli treatment in the Philippines

Israel’s delegation of IDF emergency medical personnel in the Philippines have treated over 300 wounded.

NBC reporter impressed, in ‘Awe’ and publishes report praising IDF humanitarianism.

By Tova Dvorin


Since the IDF delegation to the Philippines landed last Thursday, the unit has treated over 370 wounded – 150 of them children – in a hospital in the city of Bogo.

IDF doctors at Bogo’s hospital have performed operations, used advanced medical equipment, and overseen 5 births – including one Cesarean section and one birth where the mother went into labor en route to the hospital.

Provincial governor Hilario Davide III visited the hospital Saturday to tour the grounds, meet the medical staff, and thank Israel for sending the medical team to the country, which was hammered by Typhoon Heiyan last week. Continue Reading »

Philippines Thank Jerusalem for Disaster Relief



Philippine Ambassador thanked Israel for dispatching hundreds of doctors & medical staff to set up advanced field hospital in his disaster-stricken country.

By Israel Today Staff



Philippine Ambassador to Israel Generoso D.G. Calonge said his nation is most grateful for the immediate and overwhelming support provided by the Jewish state in the wake of super-typhoon Haiyan, which killed an estimated 10,000 people and left another 800,000 without food, water and shelter.

Philippines Thanks Israel for Disaster Aid

Members of the IDF Home Front Command Search and Rescue Unit depart for the Philippines.- Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Office

“I can’t describe the feeling right now… that my host country cares about our stricken people,” Calonge told The Jerusalem Post. Continue Reading »