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3,400 yr-old citadel unearthed in Israel’s coastal town of Nahariya


New construction project breathes new life into 3,400 yr-old citadel by preserving parts of the discovery for display for residents and visitors.

By i24news


The Israel Antiquities Authority announced Tuesday that the remains of a 3,400 year old citadel that were recently uncovered in an archaeological excavation will be incorporated into a new apartment building in the northern coastal town of Nahariya.

An aerial photograph of the excavation. – Photo : GUY FITOUSSI, COURTESY OF THE ISRAEL ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY

The dig was carried out by the authority, working alongside members of youth groups and high school students.

The architect of the high-rise project worked with the Interior Ministry’s regional committee for planning and construction, to find a way to preserve part of the citadel for display for residents and visitors. Continue Reading »

Antiquities Thieves Nabbed Red-Handed Pillaging Judean Desert Caves

Arab thieves inflicted significant damage to ancient cave-site in their attempt to purloin precious ancient artifacts dating back to pre-Roman period.

By Hillel Fendel


Just a few days after their dramatic arrest amidst the Judean Desert cliffs, would-be thieves of ancient scrolls and precious archaeological artifacts were indicted this morning in a Be’er Sheva court.

Ancient lice comb recovered from thieves - Photo: courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority

Ancient lice comb recovered from thieves – Photo: courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority

Concluding a year-long Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) operation to locate such thieves, with the help of Israel Police, this was the first time in 30 years that robbers had been caught in the area.

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Metal Chisel Thought To Build The 2nd Temple Unearthed Under Western Wall

Archaeologist who discovered the ancient metal chisel says ‘For 1st time in 2000 years we have a tool of the builders of the Kotel (Western Wall).’

By Iddo Ben-Porat, Ari Yashar


An astonishing archaeological discovery has been made at the feet of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The find is an ancient chisel, which apparently was used by the builders of the Western Wall of the Second Temple.

Chisel found on Temple Mount – Photo: Clara Amit, Courtesy of Antiquities Authority

Archaeologist Eli Shukrun, who managed the excavations and found the rare tool, told Arutz Sheva that the chisel is “a moving discovery.” Continue Reading »