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Half-Dozen M-16s Stolen From Kibbutz Armory in Israel’s Upper Galilee


A Northern kibbutz near the town of Kiryat Shmona reported the theft of 6 assault rifles used for security, on Saturday night.



Unknown assailants stole six assault rifles from a northern Israeli kibbutz overnight Saturday.

Weapons Cache - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Weapons Cache – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Police from the Northern District have set up a special investigative team to probe the break-in, and to retrieve the firearms before they can be used.

Police said that Kiryat Shmona received a call Saturday night of a break-in at Neot Mordechai.

They arrived at the kibbutz to find that the weapons depot had been broken into and that six M-16 assault rifles had been stolen.

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Antiquities Thieves Nabbed Red-Handed Pillaging Judean Desert Caves

Arab thieves inflicted significant damage to ancient cave-site in their attempt to purloin precious ancient artifacts dating back to pre-Roman period.

By Hillel Fendel


Just a few days after their dramatic arrest amidst the Judean Desert cliffs, would-be thieves of ancient scrolls and precious archaeological artifacts were indicted this morning in a Be’er Sheva court.

Ancient lice comb recovered from thieves - Photo: courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority

Ancient lice comb recovered from thieves – Photo: courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority

Concluding a year-long Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) operation to locate such thieves, with the help of Israel Police, this was the first time in 30 years that robbers had been caught in the area.

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Israeli police seize weapons called ‘Christmas decorations’ destined to E. Jerusalem Arabs

Israel Police suspect that the weapons in the 2 containers, which included fireworks, knives & electroshock devices, were meant to be given to Palestinian protesters.


Three suspects from northern Israel are in custody after taking possession of two shipping containers full of fireworks, knives, swords and electroshock weapons, according to the Israel Police.


Israeli police inspect the contents of containers in which weapons were found under the guise of Christmas decorations, 2014. – Photo: Israel Police

A gag order on the seizure was lifted on Thursday.

The containers were shipped from China under the guise of Christmas decorations and addressed to a resident of Beit Hanina, a largely Christian neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

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Australia Clamps Down on Hezbollah Money-Laundering Scam & Drug-Running

Australian daily reports how Lebanese terrorist group is working with local organized criminals, as law enforcement launches largest-ever operation.

By Ari Soffer


A major money-laundering operation in Australia is helping to bankroll Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Islamist group which is proscribed as a terrorist organization by Australian government, among others.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah – Reuters

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the money-laundering scam is part of a wider criminal network linked to organized drug trafficking.

The report comes amid Australia’s bigger ever money-laundering investigation, named Project Eligo, which has revealed how 40 separate operations in the country are moving hundreds of millions of dollars offshore. Continue Reading »

With Special Police Unit Closing in Mobsters Flee Israel

Menashe Arbib, the commander of Lahav 433 says, “It doesn’t matter where a criminal goes – we will find them”.




Police see a continued migration of Israeli criminals abroad as they “flee” local law enforcement, Lahav 433 – National Crime Unit head Cmdr. Menashe Arbib said Thursday.

Lahav 433 - National Crime Unit head Cmdr. Menashe Arbib.

Lahav 433 – National Crime Unit head Cmdr. Menashe Arbib.- Photo: YouTube Screenshot

“For us it doesn’t matter where a criminal goes – we will find them and we have great coordination with law enforcement agencies abroad. Any of them who think they can be safe by going overseas are greatly mistaken,” Arbib said. Continue Reading »

Man fled Israel, returning over a year later as ‘Moroccan immigrant’

Israeli suspected of forgery & tax fraud returns under new identity, even succeeds in receiving State assistance  before getting caught.

By Ahiya Raved



Hutzpah on an international scale: An Israeli who fled the country to avoid a Tax Authority investigation is suspected of returning under a false identity, posing as a new immigrant from Morocco making an aliyah.

A year and a half in Morocco – Photo Yaron Visbin

A year and a half in Morocco – Photo: Yaron Visbin

According to the police, the man, who was arrested Wednesday in his native Migdal HaEmek, even succeeded in securing a State stipend granted to those who make aliyah.

A police investigation revealed that the 38-year-old Migdal HaEmek resident decided to flee Israel two years ago after falling under heavy suspicion from the Israeli Tax Authority (ITA). Continue Reading »

Two men arrested for aiding 2 fugitives flee to Syria

The 2 men arrested, residents of Jaljulia & Tamra, confessed to helping 2 relatives escape to Syria. One of the men was serving a 25-year murder sentence.

Israel Hayom Staff



Two men from the Israeli Arab towns of Jaljulia and Tamra were arrested by the Israel Defense Forces on Monday evening near the border fence with Syria on the Golan Heights in northern Israel, Army Radio reported on Tuesday.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire? The suspects allegedly helped a prisoner cross the border into Syria. – Photo: Reuters

Security forces who spotted suspicious activity along the border fence near Kibbutz El-Rom were initially concerned that armed men were attempting to cross into Israel from Syria.

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CBS: Adult Males Perpetrated Most Israeli Crime in 2010

Israeli Arabs are estimated at 20% of the population, yet were over 40% of the offenders in 2010.

The country’s Jewish population made up around 50 percent of those charged with crimes in 2010, lower than their percentage of the population, while Israeli Arabs – an estimated 20% of the population – comprised over 40% of offenders the same year, according to figures released Tuesday by the Central Bureau of Statistics.


Suspect arrested – Photo: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

The overwhelming percentage of offenders charged with crimes in 2010 were men, and most of them were repeat offenders.
According to the report, 45,275 people were charged with crimes in Israel in 2010, over 90% of them adults. Continue Reading »