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Israeli Arabs Enraged Probe of Police Shooting of Kafr Kanna Resident Dropped

Israel Police closes internal investigation into fatal shooting of 22 year-old Khair Hamdan last November, saying evidence demonstrates officers acted in self defense.

By Hassan Shaalan


The Police Investigation Unit announced Tuesday that it would close the investigation into a police officer who shot and killed Khair Hamdan, a resident of Kafr Kanna, last year – an incident which led to major rioting and violence in the area.

Video footage showing police officer pointing gun at Hamdan.

The police found during the investigation that an officer who was driving the police patrol vehicle was the one who shot Hamdan, 22, and not another officer who was seen in a video of the incident holding a gun pointed at Hamdan.

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Israeli Arab arrested for transferring funds for Hamas agents in West Bank

Malik Khatib from Kafr Kanna was indited for transferring funds from Hamas militants in Gaza to Palestinians in the West Bank and driving illegals from Gaza to Israel.

By Hassan Shaalan & Yoav Zitun


An indictment was filed Tuesday morning in the Nazareth District Court against Malik Khatib, 31, a dentist from the village of Kafr Kanna in northern Israel on suspicion he made contact with a Hamas agent and transferred funds to Hamas in Ramallah. He was also charged with illegal transportation and fraud under the Income Tax Ordinance.

Malik Khatib in court Tuesday. – Photo: Mohammad Shinawi


At his court hearing Tuesday, Khatib said: “I have no connection to Hamas, I have no connection to any of the allegations – everything is a lie. Continue Reading »

Israeli Arabs rally in Kafr Kanna & Sakhnin, in support of Morsi

Hundreds of Arab protesters gather to show support of Egyptian democracy, saying: The ‘people of Egypt chose Morsi, their choice must be honored’.

By Hassan Shaalan

Some 250 people rallied Saturday, in the Galilee Arab towns of Sakhnin and Kafr Kanna, against the ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.  

(צילום: alarab.net)

Kafr Kanna – Photo: alarab.net

Protesters held signs with images of Morsi and the Egyptian flag, demanding that the Egyptian democracy be honored.

The demonstration in Sakhnin was organized by the Islamic movement and among the protesters were Mayor Mazen Ghanaim and MK Masud Ganaim (Ra’am-Ta’al). 

The Kafr Kanna rally was initiated by a group of students, one of whom reported that the demonstration was held in order to express their sympathy for the Egyptian people “who sacrificed their lives until they managed to topple the corrupt reign of Mubarak. Continue Reading »