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ANALYSIS: Netanyahu’s gov’t takes Israel onto center stage of New Mid-East

With President Trump’s assistance and the Sunni Arab Gulf state leaders’ cooperation, the Middle East is changing fast, and Israel is again taking center stage.

By Yochanan Visser


This has been a historical week with events that showed the old Middle Eastern order has ended while Israel is at the center of a new order.

First, there were the visits of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to the Sunni Arab Gulf state Oman and Culture Minister Miri Regev to Abu Dhabi where she attended the International Judo Federation’s Grand Slam competition.

Sports Minister Regev joins Gold Medal Winner Muki at the first ever medal awarding ceremony when the Israeli National Anthem, Hatikva was played in Abu Dhabi.

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A Palestinian State appears attainable, with only one obstacle: PA autocrat Mahmoud Abbas


The New State Solution: The “ultimate deal” for peace, may be feasible: The White House with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel have a plan that would see Gaza’s population, alongside millions of Palestinian refugees, in a sovereign, thriving Palestinian state of ‘Greater Gaza’, that includes increasing its size 5 fold into the Sinai.


Israel and Stuff would ordinarily not use Al Jazeera as a news source, due to
its saturation of propaganda embedded into its reports. This article however,
appears to be genuine as the theme is an accumulation of already published
material in Israel and abroad. 


By Jonathan Cook


Gaza has been the focus of intense talks behind closed doors in recent weeks as disquiet has risen among Arab states at the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the coastal enclave. Continue Reading »

Announcing new alternative: The New State Solution


Op-ed: The New State Solution appears to merit serious consideration in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, after decades of failed attempts at the 2-state solution, that multiple int’l institutions and leaders have subscribed to, but failed terribly.
– It’s time that other ideas be allowed to enter the public discourse.

By Benjamin Anthony/Our Soldiers Speak


When President Obama leaves office, yet another US administration will depart without resolution of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

As with all incoming administrations, a Trump presidency ushers in the opportunity to review, retain, or revise the terms of long-standing policies, including those relating to the Middle East. Continue Reading »

Muslims/Jewish relations, historical lies, and the future for peace… is now



If ever there was a need for fanatical belief in a shared future for Palestinians & Israelis, that need is now. There are always 2 kinds of people in the world: Those who believe in the possibility of peace, and those who do not.

 – Muslims Jews relations, historical conflict and the future for peace By Noor Dahri


Muslims Jews relations, historical conflict and the future for peaceGrowing up as a Muslim in Pakistan, I was taught to hate Jews and Israel and to participate in anti-Israel and anti-Zionism demonstrations.


Reading into the history of my faith and the history of Islam I came to realise that the perspective adopted by many Muslims today towards Israel and the Jewish people is completely distorted and often deliberately misinformed, for political not religious reasons. Continue Reading »

WATCH: A Syrian Rebel Leader Says ‘Israel Can Assist Our People More’


view videoDr. Kamal al-Labwani, one of the most prominent members of the Syrian opposition movement, says Israel should accept a diplomatic role in finding a solution to the Syrian crisis.



The events that are unfolding in Syria today are premeditated and organized crimes against humanity perpetrated by regimes and countries that are competing between themselves over regional control and influence.

Israel must denounce and condemn the crimes against humanity that are taking place in Syria. This is especially true in light of the fact that the Jewish people were the victims of such crimes and are well aware of the importance of international cooperation and humanitarian aid in such situations. Continue Reading »

Deterring Hezbollah: Former IDF deputy Chief-of-Staff shares his vision for Israel’s security

“The moment Hamas’s survival was not under threat, it was not concerned with how many casualties it sustained, or how many it inflicted on us. Its only aim was to reach its [political] goals.” so… ‘Israel must make it clear to Hezbollah, that if war erupts, their leaders will have to flee Lebanon to stay alive.’

Former IDF deputy Chief-of-Staff, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yair Naveh



Can semi-state terrorist enemies like Hamas and Hezbollah be effectively deterred? This question is at the heart of a central debate raging inside Israel’s defense establishment.

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EU’s new foreign policy chief wants a Palestinian state within next 5 years

Federica Mogherini, who took over from Catherine Ashton on Saturday as EU foreign policy chief, says reaching Israeli-Palestinian peace will be main goal of her term.


The European Union’s new foreign policy chief said on Monday that she wants to see the creation of a Palestinian state by the end of her five-year term in office.

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini  in Brussels, November 4, 2014

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini in Brussels, November 4, 2014 – Photo: Reuters

Federica Mogherini told reporters that one of her main goals will be to work toward peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and that she intends the EU to be more intimately involved in the Middle East than in the past. Continue Reading »

Natanyahu to visiting UN chief: Direct negotiations only path to Israel-Palestinian peace

At a meeting in Jerusalem with visiting UN chief, PM Netanyahu says Palestinian extremists continue to incite recent Temple Mount violence by rioting & spreading baseless lies of imagined Israeli threat.

By and DPA


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday at the beginning of his talks with visiting United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that real peace between Israel and the Palestinians would only be possible through bilateral negotiations with those who want peace.

Netanyahu and Ban shake hands before their meeting in Jerusalem, October 13, 2014.

Netanyahu and Ban shake hands before their meeting in Jerusalem, October 13, 2014. – Photo: Reuters

Unilateral Palestinian steps in the United Nations will not advance the cause of peace, Netanyahu told the UN chief.

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Islamic organization strong-arm Australia over East Jerusalem terminology

OIC urges its 57 Islamic ambassadors to Australia to strenuously condemn Canberra’s description of East Jerusalem as ‘disputed’ instead of ‘occupied.’


SYDNEY – The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has strongly condemned Australia for refusing to refer to East Jerusalem as “occupied,” and urged its 57 member states to take “necessary measures” against Canberra’s “illegal position,” leaving open the possibility of a trade boycott.

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Has he softened the Australian government’s stance on East Jerusalem? – Photo: AP

The OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers, which met late last week in Saudi Arabia, blasted “the orientation of the Australian government not to describe the city as occupied.”

Calling on the Australian government to “respect its commitments under international law,” the OIC urged member states “to condemn such illegal positions and take necessary measures to respond to them” – leaving open the possibility of a boycott on Australia’s multi-billion-dollar trade to the Middle East.

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Clinton’s memoir: Obama’s demand for 2009 settlement freeze was ‘tactical mistake’

In soon to be released memoir, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, (& possible 2016 presidential candidate) says White House hard line on Jewish construction did not work, and describes Obama’s fury at PM Netanyahu.


Former U.S. Secretary of State claims in a new memoir that the American administration made a tactical error by demanding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze construction in the settlements in 2009.

 Washington, September 1, 2010.

U.S. President Barack Obama with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the White House in Washington, September 1, 2010. – Photo: Reuters

“In retrospect, our early, hard line on settlements didn’t work,” Clinton writes in Hard Choices, to be released next week, AP reported.

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U.S. envoy Indyk said to resign for collapse of peace-talks

Special U.S. envoy for peace talks Martin Indyk said to blame Israel for breakup of peace negotiations.

The U.S. special envoy for peace talks, Martin Indyk, is considering resigning following the blowup of talks between Israel and the Palestinians, and in light of President Barack Obama’s intention to suspend American mediation, according to Israeli officials in Jerusalem who are close to the matter. The officials asked to remain anonymous due to the issue’s sensitivity.
Kerry and Indyk.

Kerry and Indyk at the State Department in Washington. – Photo: Reuters

The officials said Indyk had already informed the Brookings Institute – where he is vice president and director for foreign policy – that he might soon be returning to his post, from which he took a leave of absence nine months ago.

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U.S. twice promised to support Israeli position on Palestinian unity gov’t

NYT reported: American commitment was given both at the start of Obama’s presidency & again after his re-election.



An Israeli official told the New York Times on Monday that Israel had in the past received “a specific commitment from the American administration” that it would not be expected to negotiate with a Palestinian unity government if Hamas did not meet the criteria set by the Middle East Quartet: recognition of Israel, renunciation of terror and a commitment to honor past agreements.

Obama and Netanyahu.

Obama and Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House, September 30, 2013. Photo: Bloomberg

The Middle East Quartet – comprising the United Nations the United States, the European Union and Russia – has been involved in mediating the peace process since 2002. Continue Reading »

Lieberman: Bennett’s threat to leave coalition is a bluff


Foreign Minister Lieberman says threats by Habayit Hayehudi leader to quit the gov’t if incarcerated Israeli Arab murderers are freed, should ‘not be taken seriously.’

On the stalled peace talks, Lieberman says the ‘ball is in Palestinian court.’


Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday that he does not believe Habayit Hayehudi party will leave the coalition if Israel releases Israeli Arab prisoners as part of a deal to extend peace talks with the Palestinians.

Foreign Minister Lieberman at press conference in Knesset, March 25, 2014.

Foreign Minister Lieberman at press conference in Knesset, March 25, 2014. Photo: Olivier Fitoussi

Speaking at a press conference with his Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz, Lieberman was referring to recent threats made by Habayit Hayeudi leader and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett.

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NYT calls on White House to drop peace efforts

New York Times reports how Obama & Kerry should ‘move on & devote their attention to other major int’l challenges like the Ukraine.’


U.S. President Barak Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry should drop their Middle East peace efforts and “move on and devote their attention to other major international challenges like Ukraine,” the New York Times wrote in an editorial on Tuesday.

Kerry and Lieberman

Kerry, right, with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in Washington last week. – Photo: AFP

Instead of continuing to promote peace negotiations, the paper wrote, the United States should “lay down the principles it believes must undergird a two-state solution, should Israelis and Palestinians ever decide to make peace.”

According to the New York Times, those principles should include “a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza with borders based on the 1967 lines; mutually agreed upon land swaps that allow Israel to retain some settlements while compensating the Palestinians with land that is comparable in quantity and quality; and agreement that Jerusalem will be the capital of the two states.”

The paper noted that the administration’s effort to broker a deal in 2009 “ran into the obstinacy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and resistance from the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas.” Since then, it continued, “members of Mr. Continue Reading »

al-Assad Livid at Syrian Rebel’s Desire of Peace with Israel

Dr. Kamal Al-Labwani advocates for Israel,  “This is what Israel wants: to distance itself from Assad, from the pact between Iran and Hezbollah, but also to prevent Al Qaeda from taking control.”

Al-Labwani also sends message to Assad not to preach to him about morality.

By Tova Dvorin


The calls of Syrian opposition activist Dr. Kamal Al-Labwani to make peace with Israel have caused a furor in Damascus Sunday, after he provided an interview with Israeli media and expressed support for the Jewish state.

President Bashar al-Assad – AFP photo

“We have the same enemies and similar interests,” Al-Labwani stated Friday evening, in a special interview with Walla! Continue Reading »