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Op-ed: American apathy facilitates Iran, Hezbollah & now Turkey’s genocidal policies

The US simply capitulated, joining the Russian-Turkish party in Syria, allowing Assad’s rule to continue, with Iran & Hezbollah establishing their hold on the war-battered country.
• Obama’s White House has totally ignored Israeli interests the entire time, starting with their betrayal of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, allowing the genocide of the Iraqi-Syrian minorities, and pretending there are no chemical weapons in Syria, despite the fact they are being openly used.

By Alex Fishman


The Americans are now selling out the Syrian Kurds to the Turks—but we’ve already gotten used to their cynical foreign policy. What Israel is having a hard time getting used to, however, is the fact its biggest ally is completely disregarding Israeli interests in the Middle East. Continue Reading »

Deterring Hezbollah: Former IDF deputy Chief-of-Staff shares his vision for Israel’s security

“The moment Hamas’s survival was not under threat, it was not concerned with how many casualties it sustained, or how many it inflicted on us. Its only aim was to reach its [political] goals.” so… ‘Israel must make it clear to Hezbollah, that if war erupts, their leaders will have to flee Lebanon to stay alive.’

Former IDF deputy Chief-of-Staff, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yair Naveh



Can semi-state terrorist enemies like Hamas and Hezbollah be effectively deterred? This question is at the heart of a central debate raging inside Israel’s defense establishment.

The answers that defense chiefs come up with will affect the security of every Israeli. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah is in trouble

OPINION: With Iran and Assad sinking, Lebanese terror group faces existential concerns


With Iran plummeting and Assad sinking, Hezbollah is also going down. The days of its intoxication with power are gone. The Shiite axis is fighting for its life and Hezbollah has become the most hated organization in the Arab world. Those betting on the Syrian president, who butchers with no mercy, are crushing along with him.

One need not get excited about the speeches delivered by Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah; these are almost comic speeches, portraying the organization as stable and aggressive. Yet does he really think that Israel’s public opinion buys into his statements as it did in the past? Continue Reading »