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Pro-Israel, Jordanian Palestinian sentenced to life in prison, for advocating Jordan is Palestine


The British gov’t has granted Mudar Zahran asylum and he reports that a source inside the palace told him that King Abdullah is pushing for control of Jerusalem.



Mudar Zahran, a Palestinian writer and academic from Jordan who has written op-eds for The Jerusalem Post, was sentenced last week to life in prison with hard labor.

Mudar Zahran

Mudar Zahran – Photo: Courtesy

He also says that he has learned that the Jordanian government may seek to have him extradited to Jordan to serve his sentence.

Zahran told the Post in an interview form the UK, where he has sought refuge, that a source inside the palace told him that King Abdullah, on his visit to the US, pushed for control of Jerusalem so that Jordan would become its key ally in the region, even bypassing Israel in importance. Continue Reading »

Mudar Zahran: A Palestinian State in Jordan is ‘Inevitable’

Zahran, the Jordanian-Palestinian dissident, didn’t pull any punches Sunday afternoon, speaking at a conference entitled “Two States for Two People, on Two Sides of the Jordan River.”

By Ari Soffer


Jordanian-Palestinian activist Mudar Zahran is not a man who minces his words. In fact, his outspokenness against the Jordanian regime has made him a persona-non-grata in his own country, forcing him to seek asylum in the UK.

Mudar Zahran

Mudar Zahran

Zahran did not pull any punches Sunday afternoon, speaking at a conference entitled “Two States for Two People, on Two Sides of the Jordan River.” Deriding the Jordanian ruling elite as “Armani-wearing, English-speaking autocrats” he called on all parties to consider a radically different track to the current peace initiatives based off of a “Two State Solution” which would see a Palestinian Authority-run state in Judea and Samaria. Continue Reading »

Indeed, Israel Is The Good Enemy

In Arab countries where Palestinians make up a good percentage of the population; they are deprived of all basic necessities, starting with education, down to basic healthcare.

Israel has welcomed Palestinians as visitors, patients & even as investors. This generosity was only limited when Hamas started bombing Israeli civilians with no signs of an end in sight.

By Mudar Zahran


Israel’s relationship to the Palestinians has always been globally approached with standardized heavy criticism made to Israel.  The main charges waved in Israel’s face have always been “the Disproportionate use of force” and “discrimination”.

Flag of the State of IsraelIsrael’s critics, either willingly or out of ignorance, choose to overlook the way many Arab countries mistreat Palestinians. Continue Reading »