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Israel Sends Search & Rescue to Airlift Surrogate Babies Out of Nepal By Helicopters

Since Kathmandu airport is closed following devastating earthquake, Israel Foreign Ministry sends search & rescue team Saturday night to evacuate newborns to Israel via India.

By Itamar Eichner


The 24 infants born in recent days to surrogate mothers in Nepal are waiting with their Israeli parents to be evacuated following the lethal earthquake which struck the area on Saturday morning.

Ohad Hitman with his partner and newborns

Ohad Hitman with his partner and newborns

Nine of the infants were born premature and one is in serious condition. The Foreign Ministry told Ynet that it planned to fly out the families in helicopters from Nepal to neighboring India because the airport in Kathmandu was closed.

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Israel sends aid to Napal: 1,500 dead so far following ‘worst quake in 80 years’

Still unclear whether Israeli tourists are among casualties as Napal declares State of Emergency.

By i24news


A 7.9 magnitude earthquake caused large-scale casualties in Nepal on Saturday, with the death toll currently at 1,170, according to police.

“Nepalese people walk past collapsed buildings at Lalitpur, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, on April 25, 2015” – Photo: Prakash Mathema /AFP

Hundreds more are feared trapped in the ruins, Nepalese Home Ministry said. The South Asian country has declared a state of emergency.

“Deaths have been reported from all regions except the far west. All our security personnel have been deployed to rescue and assist those in need,” national police spokesman Kamal Singh Bam told AFP. Continue Reading »

Dush the Clown, Helps Nepal & Gives Israel Good PR on the side

Dush the Clown is not a medical doctor but if laughter is the best medicine, then he’s a great Doctor. His work also reflex well on Israel.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


He may not be much of a doctor but the children’s faces light up when Dush The Clown shuffles onto their ward in his floppy shoes and red nose to prescribe his unique brand of medical care.

Medical clowns

Medical clowns – INN TV

Dush — alias 36-year-old Israeli David Barashi — is in Nepal to teach doctors and nurses that laughter really can be the best medicine, with the latest evidence suggesting clowning around in hospitals can boost patient care. Continue Reading »