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Israeli Doctors Fly to Kyrgyzstan and Restore Sight to 90 Patients in ‘Eye From Zion’ Initiative


A Jewish volunteer delegation of Israeli medical professionals traveled to Kyrgyzstan and restored the eyesight of 90 adults & children while instructing the local doctors & support teams on their medical techniques.

By Maytal Yasur Beit-Or


A group of doctors from Israel restored the eyesight of 90 adults and children in Kyrgyzstan earlier this month in an ambitious endeavor undertaken by the Eye from Zion organization.

A team of Eye from Zion volunteers operate on a patient – Photo: Eye from Zion

Eye from Zion is a volunteer Israeli-Jewish group established to provide medical treatment to underprivileged populations around the world. Continue Reading »

Jewish State ‘very interested’ in assisting the Kurds




News published in theFinancial Times on Sunday that Israel imports most of its oil from Iraq’s Kurdish areas came as no shock to those following the secretive Israel-Kurd relationship.

“The news is not so surprising, as it has been going on for some time,” Prof. Ofra Bengio, editor of the book Kurdish Awakening: Nation-Building in a Fragmented Homeland, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

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Israel sends aid to Napal: 1,500 dead so far following ‘worst quake in 80 years’

Still unclear whether Israeli tourists are among casualties as Napal declares State of Emergency.

By i24news


A 7.9 magnitude earthquake caused large-scale casualties in Nepal on Saturday, with the death toll currently at 1,170, according to police.

“Nepalese people walk past collapsed buildings at Lalitpur, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, on April 25, 2015” – Photo: Prakash Mathema /AFP

Hundreds more are feared trapped in the ruins, Nepalese Home Ministry said. The South Asian country has declared a state of emergency.

“Deaths have been reported from all regions except the far west. All our security personnel have been deployed to rescue and assist those in need,” national police spokesman Kamal Singh Bam told AFP. Continue Reading »

Israel Sends Aid to Cyclone-Ravaged Tiny Island Nation

Light Unto the Nations: IsraAID has dispatched an emergency team providing food, medical assistance & and other basic needs to help the citizens of Vanuatu.

Yossi Aloni


Israeli international aid organization IsraAID has dispatched an emergency team to the Oceanic island nation of Vanuatu after it was ravaged by a tropical cyclone.

Vanuatu – Courtesy Google Maps

More than 90 percent of the population of 250,000 has reportedly been left homeless and destitute by Tropical Cyclone Pam.


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IsraAID is joined in providing food and other basic needs by several other international aid agencies, as well as UN and local government bodies. Continue Reading »

Senate allocates $350 million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense

VP Joe Biden said that since Obama became president, the U.S. has transferred Israel $17 billion in military defense aid. The U.S. allocates $3 billion in aid annually.

By Yoni Hirsch


The U.S. Senate approved the 2015 defense budget on Friday, which includes $350 million in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system.

Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system will receive $350 million in aid from the U.S. in 2015 [Archive] – Photo: AP

The budget was passed with 89 votes in favor and only 11 opposed. Beyond the financing for Iron Dome, the new defense budget includes $64 billion in funding for military operations outside of the U.S., Continue Reading »

Israel in Ukraine providing emergency care training to Jewish communities in Kiev

In case of deterioration of the Ukrainian conflict, Israeli rescue organizations are training the Jewish Hatzalah (aid & rescue) unit in Kiev to deal with mass casualties.



The United Hatzalah and ZAKA rescue organizations are training Jews in Kiev’s Hatzalah so they can respond to mass casualty emergencies in the troubled and violent Ukraine if the crisis escalates.

Anti-government protesters advance through burning barricades in Kiev's Independence Square February 20, 2014 - Photo REUTERS

Anti-government protesters advance through burning barricades in Kiev’s Independence Square February 20, 2014 – Photo REUTERS

In cooperation with the Isralife Foundation, the two organizations — which recently merged — are training local Jews in emergency, rescue and search techniques. Continue Reading »

Israel Aid Finds Its Way to Sandy Victims

Israel Flying Aid Supplies Food, Generators, Gas To Sandy New York &  New Jersey Victims

By Karen Levy


New York, NY — November 4, 2012 … Israel Flying Aid, the Israeli global humanitarian organization which was first to land in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, has been distributing large supplies of gas to hospitals, food, batteries and generators to Hurricane Sandy victims.

Roger Parrott, Jacob Parrott and Joel Leyden deliver a generator and
gas to a Hurricane Sandy New York victim. Photo: Rebecca McCann / INA

“We have many years of disaster relief experience,” said Israel Flying Aid North American Operations Manager Moti Kahana. Continue Reading »