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Israel’s ZAKA Search & Rescue Unit Signs Cooperation Agreement With UAE

In signing this historic agreement in Dubai, the chairman of ZAKA, Yehuda Meshi Zahav said, “There is no greater expression of peace than volunteer units partnering for mutual humanitarian aid and assistance.”

By Kalman Labovitz


ZAKA held a historic ceremony at DIHAD headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with representatives of the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition-(DIHAD).

At the meeting, the two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding that supports future collaborations between the two in the humanitarian field in international crises and disasters, and to provide the necessary support to those affected, regardless of color, race, gender, religion or political opinions. Continue Reading »

Israeli Navy rescues French sailor drifting off Gaza coast

After several weeks lost in the Mediterranean, a French mariner is picked up by an Israel Naval patrol after his yacht malfunctioned and was discovered adrift off the Gaza coastline.

By Yoav Zitun


International rescue: The Israeli Navy recovered a lost and injured French sailor aboard a yacht floating in the waters off the Gaza Strip on Friday.

The small yacht’s steering system had malfunctioned during a storm several weeks ago, and since then the vessel had been drifting in the Mediterranean Sea. The stranded man had fallen ill during his time lost at sea, and was evacuated to a nearby Israeli hospital to recover. Continue Reading »

🇮🇱 Netanyahu: Israel search & rescue teams for Guatemala are ready 🇬🇹

Israeli PM tells Gautemalan president following volcanic eruption, search & rescue, first aid, recovery provision, anything you need, we’re sending it.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed to assist Guatemala in rescue and recovery efforts, following a devastating earthquake that killed dozens of people earlier this week.

Israel’s ZAKA Search & Rescue volunteeres arrive in Gautemala and begin coordinating with local officials. – Photo courtesy: ZAKA Search & Rescue NGO/Facebook

On Sunday, the Volcan del Fuego volcano southwest of Guatemala City erupted, killing more than 60 people and burying nearby towns in ash.

The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction in Guatemala said that fiery clouds of smoke were billowing from the volcano and that soot blanketed cars and houses in the nearby villages of San Pedro Yepocapa and Sangre de Cristo. Continue Reading »

Israel’s construction & engineering delegation continues search effort in Mexico

Israeli engineers are surveying buildings in the Mexican capital to determine whether they are safe, while others in the delegation continue searching through the rubble, still hoping to find survivors.

By Yoav Zitun, Itamar Eichner


The IDF delegation to Mexico City on Saturday continued searching through the wreckage caused by the deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country earlier this week, though at this point the chances of finding survivors are said to be very small.Because of the bleak assessments, the Israeli delegation—after consultations with the Mexican, American and Japanese rescue teams also operating in the city—gave up its surgical search methods over the last two days in favor of more massive, large-scale efforts. Continue Reading »

IDF construction & engineering unit arrives in Mexico for search & rescue

Israel’s Home Front Command delegation from the IDF that arrived in Mexico specializes in construction & engineering, that includes 71 professionally equipped soldiers & officers to assist in the logistical efforts of the locals, from their coordinated search teams, to successful rescues.
– ‘We’ll stay as long as it takes,’ said the IDF delegation’s commander.

By Itamar Eichner and Yoav Zitun


The IDF has dispatched a rescue unit to Mexico City Thursday to assist in logistical efforts in some of the 38 buildings to completely buckle in the Mexican capital after the earthquake that hit it Tuesday.

The earthquake—registering 7.1 on the Richter scale—caused 250 fatalities and injuries to more than 2,000 people. Continue Reading »

Israelife sends medical, search & rescue team to Miami

Two weeks ago, the Israelife Foundation sent a medical delegation who volunteer at United Hatzalah to help in aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Now, a team is off to Florida.

By Uzi Baruch


A delegation of the Israelife Foundation left for Miami on Saturday night to help the local Jewish community and Israeli community in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

The volunteers taking part in the mission will assist in providing an initial response to the natural disaster and will deal with its implications in terms of the community.

“Our role as volunteers will be to assist the community and to handle the situation as best we can in the absence of American officials, until their arrival,” explained delegation spokesman Moti Elmaliach. Continue Reading »

India recruits IDF K-9 life-savers


India begins integrating elite IDF ‘Oketz’ sniffers into their security forces that specialize in search and rescue missions, guard duty, and locating explosive material.



Israeli elite sniffer and attack dogs have been imported to India to add teeth to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security team, the Indian Telegraph reported.

IDF ‘Oketz’ handler with K-9 – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

A ‘senior’ security official told the paper that 30 “attack dogs, bomb sniffers and chasers,” were brought from Jerusalem during the past year.

He also added that the canines were also “very effective” in combat.

The IDF employs dogs to fill several tasks including bomb sniffing, attack and guarding duties and search and rescue missions. Continue Reading »

Photo Album: Israel’s Medical Assistance in Nepal Begins

First humanitarian mission aircraft has landed in Nepal. Israel’s priorities:
Search & rescue survivors from the rubble
Assemble IDF field hospital to begin rendering medical attention to the injured
Locate Israelis and return them home


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel has been providing assistance to Israelis, Nepalese and others since receiving the first reports of the earthquake that hit Nepal.
The Ministry, via Israel in Nepal, is aiding Israelis in the stricken area and is in touch with the families of Israeli travelers who have not yet established contact.

Continue Reading »

Helicopter Rescue Four Israelis From Mount Everest

Israel’s gov’t says it is aware of 6 Israelis stuck on Langtang trail as trekker & his mother call for helicopter rescue.

By Itamar Eichner


Four Israelis caught up in the earthquake in Nepal were rescued Monday from Mount Everest by the Harel insurance company. The four had been trapped at high altitude and were rescued by helicopter.

Meanwhile, other Israelis left stranded by the devastating quake and their relatives are calling on the government to take immediate steps to rescue them as conditions worsen and the death toll rises.

Some 100 Israelis have still to make contact following the quake, but with electricity outages and appalling weather conditions, it could be difficult for many to do so. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu to Nepal Search & Rescue teams: “This is the real face of Israel”

Israel’s PM Netanyahu & President Rivlin praise the Jewish State’s  Search & Rescue team members as they make their way to Nepal to aid trapped Israelis and injured locals.

By Itamar Eichner


Prime Minister Benjamin  spoke Sunday with the head of the Israeli rescue mission to Nepal following a devastating earthquake and wished him luck in their attempt to find the missing Israelis and help with local rescue missions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Olivier Fitoussi, Haaretz)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Photo: Olivier Fitoussi, Haaretz

Colonel Yoram Lerdo heads the team, which includes a mobile hospital and is charged with finding Israelis and helping the wounded or stranded. Continue Reading »

Israel Sends Search & Rescue to Airlift Surrogate Babies Out of Nepal By Helicopters

Since Kathmandu airport is closed following devastating earthquake, Israel Foreign Ministry sends search & rescue team Saturday night to evacuate newborns to Israel via India.

By Itamar Eichner


The 24 infants born in recent days to surrogate mothers in Nepal are waiting with their Israeli parents to be evacuated following the lethal earthquake which struck the area on Saturday morning.

Ohad Hitman with his partner and newborns

Ohad Hitman with his partner and newborns

Nine of the infants were born premature and one is in serious condition. The Foreign Ministry told Ynet that it planned to fly out the families in helicopters from Nepal to neighboring India because the airport in Kathmandu was closed.

Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israeli Company Testing Unpiloted Flying Ambulance

The drone ambulance, named AirMule can fly with up to 800 pounds of cargo in search and rescue operations.

Israeli startup Urban Aeronautics is testing a flying ambulance drone they hope to release before 2020, Business Insider reports. The vehicle, which is called the AirMule, would be used to perform rescues in places like dense urban environments, where helicopter maneuvering is difficult. The AirMule is directed and controlled remotely and it can fly unpiloted with up to 880 pounds of cargo.

The AirMule, an unmanned emergency rescue vehicle. (Tactical Robotics)

Its primary purpose is to assist with rescues during military operations:

A much quieter, remotely-piloted aircraft like this would be a game changer for military personnel.

Continue Reading »

Three brothers missing off Ashkelon beach

Rescue divers continue searching for 3 brothers who were swept to sea off the Ashkelon beach, after 2 entered trying to save youngest.

‘I hope at least one survives,’ says father.

By Ilana Curiel


A diving team started searching on Friday morning for three brothers where last seen at a beach near Ashkelon Thursday night.

ההיערכות על החוף. כוחות רבים ממתינים  (באדיבות משטרת ישראל)

Rescue teams at the beach – Photo: Courtesy of police

According to testimonies, the youngest brother bathed in the sea with a cousin. They shouted for help and the two elder brothers came to their rescue, but were swept into the sea themselves.

“I hope at least one of them survives,” said the father of Shenhad, 26, Suleiman, 19 and Ataf, 16. Continue Reading »

IDF Rescue Team sent to Ghana

The IDF’s Home Front Command sent a search & rescue team Thursday morning to Ghana following the collapse of a department store in Accra

By Chana Ya’ar


The IDF’s Home Front Command sent a rescue team Thursday morning to Accra, Ghana following the collapse of a department store.

Dozens of people are believed to be trapped under the rubble of the building, officials said.

The aircraft departed from the Nevatim air force base in the Negev, led by National Rescue Division Commander General Ramtine Sabti.

Included among the members of the team are physicians and other rescue personnel with technical experience in disaster relief. Continue Reading »