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American liberal rabbis are on the wrong side of America’s ‘Culture War’

After hurling insults at the president, it actually appears that if anyone is “lacking in moral leadership and empathy” for the victims of hatred, it’s surely the liberal rabbis, who once fell over themselves to have their annual Rosh Hashana conference call with Barack Obama, the president who refused to say that the 2015 slaughter at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris was an antisemitic attack.



In America, four liberal rabbinic organizations have scrapped their participation in the annual conference call in which the president traditionally offers his greetings for the Jewish New Year. Continue Reading »

Neo-Nazis Rally in London While Flying Palestinian Flags

Two dozen neo-Nazis and Palestinians gather together for an anti-Semitic rally in London displaying their hateful banners & Palestinian flags.

By Ari Sofer, Matt Wanderman


An anti-Semitic neo-Nazi rally was held in central London Saturday, amid tight security and after weeks of speculation and tensions.

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From Twitter @JewishNewsUK

But after a dramatic build up the anti-Semitic initiative turned out to be a damp squib. Some two dozen Nazi demonstrators were vastly outnumbered by around 200 Jewish and anti-fascist counter-protesters, and a phalanx of police officers deployed to ensure no violence erupted.

The demonstrators emphasized their hatred of Jews by carrying Palestinian flags.

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Report: Int’l Congress of Holocaust Deniers Gather in Center of London

Anti-Semitic gathering organized under a veil of secrecy at Grosvenor Hotel in the heart of London is meant to demonize Jews and propagate hate to advance neo-Nazi agenda.



A large international conference of Holocaust deniers recently took place in the heart of London, Britain’s Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

Holocaust survivors at Auschwitz – Photo: REUTERS

“This is the biggest and most significant meeting of Holocaust deniers that Britain has ever seen. It is a very worrying development,” the paper quoted Gerry Gable, an expert on the extreme Right who aided the news outlet’s undercover investigation of the event, as saying. Continue Reading »

German town outwits annual neo-Nazi protesters

Tired of the annual invasion of neo-Nazis into their small town, the residents of Wunsiedel, where Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess is buried, decided it’s high time the neo-Nazis finally marched for a good cause.

By Marlene Halser



They keep coming back year after year. Since the 1990s, neo-Nazi demonstrators invade the village of Wunsiedel in south Germany every November to commemorate the National Heroes’ Remembrance Day by visiting the grave of Adolf Hitler’s Deputy, Rudolf Hess, which was located in the village until it was dissolved in 2005 when the lease agreement ran out.

With flags and wreaths, neo Nazis commemorate a so called 'National Heroes' Remembrance Day.'

With flags and wreaths, neo Nazis commemorate a so called ‘National Heroes’ Remembrance Day.’

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Nazi-inspired beauty pageant seeks the most anti-Semitic of the Baltic states

Nazi fanaticism is thriving in the Baltic States. Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that a trend of “open neo-Nazism” is becoming “commonplace” in  the Baltic states as well as Latvia & Ukraine.



A Nazi-inspired beauty pageant dubbed “Miss Hitler 2014” is calling for attractive women to participate in the contest held on the Russian equivalent to Facebook .

Alina Veronina from Miss Hitler 2014 Contest - Photo: VKONTAKTE‏

From Miss Hitler 2014 Contest – Alina Voronina from Moscow is the Miss Hitler for you. As a young child, Voronina became infatuated with the Third Reich when she studied World War II. Now she is intently focused on Holocaust revisionism.

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Italian police raid homes of neo-Nazis spreding anti-Semitism online

The 35 arrested suspects, accused of spreading racial hatred & anti-Semitism, had opened a new website that replaced the Italian branch of the white supremacist website Stormfront.org.



Italian police raided the homes of 35 suspected neo-Nazi sympathizers, accusing them of setting up an online forum to spread anti-Semitic ideology, on Thursday. The operation was conducted in 22 provinces around the country, including in Rome and Milan.

A neo-Nazi rally in Germany.

A neo-Nazi rally in Germany.- Photo: AP

The suspects were accused of spreading ideas on the Internet “based on racial and ethnic hatred and incitement to commit acts of discrimination and violence for racist and ethnic reasons.” Continue Reading »

German neo-Nazis & Green Party proposes anti-Israel legislation


Neo Nazi & Green parties submit legislation to label settlement products. Professor calls the move “political warfare & demonization” of Israel.





MADRID – An initiative by Germany’s neo-Nazi NPD party last year in a state parliament to demarcate Israeli products came to light this month and closely resembles the recent Green Party bill that would label Israeli products from settlements.


The Reichstag building seen from the west. Inscription translates to “For/To the German People” – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The revelation last week that an anti-Israel bill from the mainstream left-liberal Green Party in the Federal Bundestag mirrors, in key provisions, the language of a far-right party stirred criticism from Israeli and German experts on modern anti-Semitism.

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WJC to meet far-right ‘anti-Zionist’ rally in Budapest

Although they rarely hold annual gatherings outside of Israel, the World Jewish Congress decided to meet in Budapest this year to show solidarity with Hungary’s Jews, who are facing ‘exceptionally strong’ anti-Semitism.


A far-right Hungarian priest said an “anti-Zionist” demonstration will be held in Budapest on the first day of the World Jewish Congress’ General Assembly.
Former member of Hungarian far-right Jobbik.

Former member of far-right Jobbik party burns an Israeli flag during an anti-Zionism demonstration in Budapest, Hungary, Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 – Photo: AP


Lorant Hegedus Jr., a Calvinist priest and member of the ultra-rightist, anti-Semitic Jobbik party, announced that an “Anti-Bolshevik and anti-Zionist people’s gathering” will be held in the Hungarian capital on May 4, the first day of the WJC annual assembly. Continue Reading »