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The ‘occupation’ myth is the food that feeds antisemitic terror

The systemic, biased reactions of U.N. officials & the global corporate media that propagates attacks on Israelis are rooted in the leftist misconceptions about Zionism.



Anger at the U.N.’s “Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories” Francesca Albanese for her outrageous slanders of Israel is more than justified. So is frustration and outrage about biased coverage of the Middle East in leading corporate media outlets like CNNand The New York Times of a string of deadly Palestinian terror attacks as well as recent events on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

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Left happy after Trump said, Israel will pay “high price” for US Embassy move

Hinting to a quid pro quo situation, the ‘left’ were pleased to hear President Trump say at his rally in West Virginia yesterday, that the Palestinians would soon “get something very good” in return for the U.S. moving its Embassy to Jerusalem, “because it’s their turn next.”



US President Donald Trump’s statement that Israel will pay a “high price” in its negotiations with the Palestinians because it won something “very big” with America’s relocation of its embassy to Jerusalem brought joy Wednesday to the Israeli Left, which praised him.

Addressing a rally in West Virginia, Trump said that the Palestinians would soon “get something very good” in return for the May embassy move “because it’s their turn next.” Continue Reading »

American liberal rabbis are on the wrong side of America’s ‘Culture War’

After hurling insults at the president, it actually appears that if anyone is “lacking in moral leadership and empathy” for the victims of hatred, it’s surely the liberal rabbis, who once fell over themselves to have their annual Rosh Hashana conference call with Barack Obama, the president who refused to say that the 2015 slaughter at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris was an antisemitic attack.



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