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Muslim Zionist exposes those who only know, ‘How to defame Israel’

Once anti-Zionists feel defeated in speaking with Zionists, or they feel they’re not winning the topic they started, because they’ve refused to accept historical facts, they begin abusing the other speaker & begin using foul language against and about the Jewish people.

– Let’s Defame the Jewish State of Israel

By Noor Dahri


During the many years since I started talking with my fellow Muslims about their baseless arguments against the state of Israel, I could see them arguing without knowledge. I could tell they know nothing about Israel. They had a few topics to discuss, “illegal settlements, Gaza being blockaded, unlawful occupation and Israeli operations against Hamas, the Holy Land belongs to Palestinians and Palestinians are indigenous habitants of the land.” Continue Reading »

Pakistani Muslim tells why he joined the Zionist Movement


Pakistani writer Noor Dahri pens an Op-Ed on why as a Pakistani Muslim he decided to join the Zionist Federation of UK, and why other Muslims should follow his example.


– Why I Joined the Zionist Movement

By Noor Dahri


It was 30th of March, 2016, when I was invited by the Zionist Federation of UK and it was the day when I acquired honorary membership in the Zionist Federation. I received mixed responses from different social circles and schools of thought, especially from the South Asian community. My own Pakistani community was surprised and mortified when I proclaimed my adherence to Zionism.

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