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Former Defense Minister: Israel’s borders with Lebanon/Syria unprepared for war

In an Army Radio interview, the former Defense Minister MK Amir Peretz, told his listeners, “We have to invest close to NIS 2 billion ($560M) so that we will be prepared on the northern front.”



The north is unprepared for an escalation with Iran, should it occur, said MK Amir Peretz (Zionist Union), who served as minister of defense during the Second Lebanon War, on Tuesday. Israel’s main problem, he added, is Iran trying to “incite threats in Syrian territory.”

“A central point is that in the North, we are not prepared from the perspective of defending the home front, we have a lot to do,” he told Army Radio. Continue Reading »

IDF fortifies defenses on northern border with Lebanon


The IDF has begun fortifying its northern border defense by installing new fences/walls, adding more obstacles and reinforcing existing infrastructure in preparation for a possible ‘Third Lebanon War’, in which Hezbollah fighters may attempt to infiltrate into Israel.

By Yoav Zitun


Wednesday’s cross-border shooting incident, which is still being investigated by the Northern Command as an attack by another terrorist group, has exposed one of Israel’s weak points in a sensitive sector, the border line separating roads, orchards and Israeli settlements, mainly in the Galilee panhandle.

IDF patrols Israel's border with Lebanon - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

IDF patrols Israel’s border with Lebanon – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The IDF believes that Hezbollah will seek to exploit this weak point and attempt to infiltrate its Radwan special forces troops into Israeli territory in the next Lebanon war.

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IDF engineers strengthen Israel’s border with Lebanon


The IDF Engineering Corps is fashioning a 9-10 meter (30-33ft) cliff around the border community of Hanita, making it harder for Hezbollah terrorists to cross into Israel during the next war.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


The Israel Defense Forces invited Reuters on Wednesday to film ongoing construction work along Israel’s border with Lebanon, where bulldozers have been at work excavating a cliff.

The IDF is excavating part of a cliff to create an additional barrier along its border with Lebanon  – Photo: Reuters

Lt. Gen. Eli David, an engineering officer in a northern division, told Reuters that similar construction works were taking place all along the Israeli-Lebanon border. Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force drone operators test their responses to Northern infiltrations

IDF has been conducting new drills between the IAF and their northern territorial brigades.


The Israel Air Force has recently completed a series of drills aimed at improving the responses of drone operators to attempted hostile infiltrations of the country’s borders.

THIS HERON drone featured in Northern Command drills aimed at improving responses to attempted infiltrations by terrorists. – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The drills factored in lessons learned from the deadly antitank missile attack launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon in January, which killed two IDF soldiers. They also included lessons learned from Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last year. Continue Reading »

After Pressure from Northern Towns, IDF Reinvestigates Possibility of Hezbollah Attack Tunnels


IDF sources say drilling currently being carried out is in response to request by northern residents, adding that again, no tunnels have been located.

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IDF Bolsters Borders with Lebanon & Syria Against Potential Hezbollah Attacks


The IDF is being ultra-cautious since the air strike on Sunday that killed 6 Hezbollah & 6 Iranian Revolutionary Guards senior commanders near Quneitra, in the Syrian Golan Heights.



The IDF will increase its presence in northern communities throughout Thursday. As a result, local residents will see an increase in military traffic in their areas.

An IDF soldier stands atop a tank near Alonei Habashan on the Golan Heights, close to the ceasefire line between Israel and Syria. – Photo: REUTERS

The measures are aimed at preparing the IDF for potential Hezbollah attacks.

The defense establishment is being ultra-sensitive since an air strike on Sunday that killed 12 Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps senior operatives near Quneitra, Syria, and Iranian vows to take revenge. Continue Reading »

IDF Places Northern Border Communities on Alert After Suspicious Movement in Lebanon

Israel’s Air Force on high alert, along with artillery batteries, infantry & armored units added along Israel’s northern border as IDF evaluates situation.
• Chief of General Staff Gantz cancels plans to attend NATO summit in Europe.


The IDF identified suspicious activity on the Lebanese side of the northern border fence on Wednesday evening, leading to road closures and local communities being put on alert.

The alert is the result of the defense establishment being ultra-sensitive since an air strike on Sunday that killed 12 Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps senior operatives near Quneitra, Syria, and Iranian vows to take revenge. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Northern Border Towns Getting ‘Ready’

With IAF jets flying overhead, Kiryat Shmona is carrying out maintenance of its bomb shelters, in case of unexpected escalation.

By Gil Ronen


Civilians in Israel’s northern communities are carrying on with their daily routines, but there is tension following the reported attack on a Syrian chemical weapons factory and ensuing threats from Iran and Syria.

As of Friday morning, the IDF has not instructed authority heads to take any special steps, but Kiryat Shmona, Israel’s northernmost city, has embarked on a project of cleaning and maintenance of its bomb shelters.

The Home Front Command noted Thursday that no special instructions have been issued, and there is no need to raise the level of alert. Continue Reading »