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Following rash of anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn, NYPD installs 100 CCTV cameras

Following the upsurge of anti-Semitic crimes in numerous Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn, the NYPD will instal 100 new security cameras in Brooklyn’s Jewish neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park.

By Anthony M. DeStefano


The NYPD will install 100 new security cameras in Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park, Brooklyn, areas with large Jewish populations, in an effort to deter anti-Semitic crimes, officials announced Friday.

In a statement, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that police would begin surveying work immediately to identify the best locations for the installations and added that the first 30 cameras are expected to be in place by March. Continue Reading »

Police eject dozens of anti-Israel protesters from disrupting NYC hearing on BDS


#BDSfail: Dozens of disruptive pro-Palestinian activists were ejected by NYPD officers from a hearing supporting a resolution that condemns the BDS movement, which targets “academic, cultural, and civil society institutions, as well as individual Israeli citizens.”

By i24news


Police ejected dozens of people on Thursday from a New York City Council hearing on a resolution condemning the movement to boycott Israel, local media reported.

Demonstrators repeatedly interrupted the meeting on the nonbinding resolution that censures “all efforts to delegitimize the state of Israel and the global movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction the people of Israel.”

Protesters chanted “Zionism is racism” while being escorted about by security, the New York Post reported. Continue Reading »

Manhattan Rabbi reports NYPD disregarded multiple Mezuzah thefts


Rabbi Hertz claims that New York police officers were disrespectful & disregarded his complaint of the stolen mezuzah from his Manhattan home, as hardly being property theft.

By Ben Shaul, Shoshana Miskin


Jewish organizations in New York have expressed dissatisfaction that the Manhattan Police did not adequately address the complainant that a mezuzah, a scroll inscribed with religious texts mounted on the doorpost, was stolen from a rabbi’s home.

According to Rabbi Tzvi Herschel Hertz, who resides in Manhattan’s Inwood neighborhood, his home is not the first in the area to have their mezuzah torn off its doorpost. Continue Reading »

NYPD Recover Stolen Brooklyn Torah Valued at $30,000

A Brooklyn Torah that was reported to be in the trunk of a stolen car, and is estimated to be worth around $30,000 was found, according to NYPD officials.

By Rachel Hirshfeld


A Torah that was reported to be stolen and estimated to be worth around $30,000 was found, according to officials.

The Brooklyn Torah, belonging to Rabbi Binyamin Tamaiev of Congregation Agudath Sholom of Flatbush, was reportedly found inside the rabbi’s stolen car.

His gray 2007 Toyota Corolla was stolen from the 3700 block of 18th Avenue on Saturday evening with the rabbi’s personal belongings as well as the $30,000 Torah, police said. Continue Reading »