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2 Gazans returning from Pakistan, tested positive for coronavirus

Aside from the first 2 cases of confirmed coronavirus entering into Gaza, more than 1,270 Palestinians are quarantined in Gaza hospitals, hotels and schools after returning to the terrorist enclave via Israel and Egypt.

By Associated Press


The Palestinian Health Ministry announced early Sunday that two residents who returned recently from Pakistan to the Gaza Strip tested positive for the coronavirus, the first cases to be diagnosed in the Palestinian enclave.

The development added to fears of a potential outbreak in crowded Gaza, which has an overstretched health care system after years of an Israeli-Egyptian blockade, cross-border conflicts with Israel and Palestinian political divides. Continue Reading »

PA forsakes medical care for the ill, prioritizing salaries to jailed terrorists

The Palestinian Authority, gov’t of West Bank autocrat Mahmoud Abbas is doubling down, forbidding Palestinians from receiving treatment in Israel because Jerusalem refuses to transfer nearly $138 million to the PA this year, the amount used to reward terrorists, a.k.a. ‘Pay to Slay’.

By Maurice Hirsch, Itamar Marcus, JNS and Israel Hayom Staff


Until now, Israel has been giving medical treatment in Israel to thousands of Palestinians every year. But this humanitarian program will now come to an end, as the Palestinian Authority has decided to stop sending its citizens in need of medical treatment to Israel.

The PA’s explanation is as follows: Since Israel is refusing to transfer approximately $138 million to the PA this year to spend on salaries to terrorists, the PA will no longer permit Palestinians to travel to Israel for medical treatment, for which the PA has to pay. Continue Reading »

Hamas Sentences Female Journalist in Absentia for Exposing Common Corruption in Gaza & PA

Hajer Harb, a female Palestinian journalist who is currently receiving medical treatment in Jordan for cancer, was found guilty and sentenced in absentia by a Hamas court for exposing a corrupt health care system in Gaza and under Abbas’ PA, where patients are extorted if they seek better treatment.


A Palestinian journalist who exposed corruption in the Gaza Strip was prosecuted by Hamas, the terrorist group that governs the enclave, veteran Palestinian affairs correspondent Khaled Abu Toameh reported Monday.

Palestinian journalist, Hajer Harb reporting from a Hamas training center in Gaza. – Screenshot: Hager Press/YouTube

In June 2016, Hajer Harb reported that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority extorted Palestinians seeking medical care in Israel, Europe and elsewhere in the Arab world. Continue Reading »