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US lawmakers tell Abbas: Trump-era policies will remain in force

In a “tense” meeting with the Palestinian leader last week, the US congressional delegation unequivocally said the brakes will remain on from furthering a Palestinian political resurgence, and the Trump-era policies will remain in force, until Abbas’ national policy of ‘Pay-to-Slay-Jews’ ends.

By Israel Today Staff


There was concern in Israel, and expectation in Ramallah, that the election of US President Joe Biden would mark a much more conciliatory American approach to the Palestinians than that of former President Donald Trump.

And indeed, Biden has signaled his intention to reengage the Palestinian leadership and put them back on more equal footing with Israel in regards to the Middle East peace process. Continue Reading »

Republican lawmakers delay Biden’s refunding the Palestinians

The Congressional Republicans noted how, “Since 1993, the US government provided more than $6.3 billion to the Palestinians… (but) US programs have not just failed but have been counter-productive, with the money facilitating terrorist incitement and making its way to terrorists.”



Congressional Republicans put a hold on $75 million of the newly reinstatedUS aid to the Palestinians, two sources in Washington confirmed on Thursday.

On March 26, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) sent Congress a “program narrative” of about $75m. in Economic Support Funds (ESF) for programs in the West Bank and Gaza that would begin 15 days after the notification was received. Continue Reading »

Killing Jews is a Taxable Business

With the Palestinian Authority making ‘Pay to Slay’ Jews one of its highest paying jobs, actually making many terrorists millionaires, Israel’s Attorney-General has determined that payments made by the PA to Palestinian Arabs, who are citizens or residents of Israel, are considered taxable as income.

By Israel Today Staff


National and local authorities around the world have for the past several years been trying to define the tax obligations of the various new forms of business in the Internet era.

PA Salary Payments to Terrorists – Palestinian Media Watch

Online entrepreneurs and traders have been trying their best to slip under the tax radar. Continue Reading »

Norway’s Ruling coalition instructs gov’t to freeze aid to Palestinians

The ruling coalition members of the Norwegian Parliament sent a letter instructing the government to reduce or withhold financial payments to Palestinian Authority over “references to violence, martyrdom and terror” being taught in PA school books.
– The statement read, “The coalition considers this to be devastating…and finds it unacceptable that Norwegian funds support a school system that promotes such destructive values.”

By Marcy Oster/JTA,


Parliament members in Norway, one of the world’s main donors to the Palestinian Authority, demanded these contributions be suspended over incitement in school textbooks.

Members of the ruling coalition said in a statement Thursday that it is instructing the government to “reduce or withhold financial support to the Palestinian Authority if they do not provide satisfactory improvements in school materials” soon. Continue Reading »

PA President Abbas forced to demand return of hushed bonuses

Amid possible bankruptcy, the PA documents that were leaked exposing how Abbas secretly rewarded his Cabinet members and associates with a 67% pay raise retroactive to 2014, has forced him to fire all his advisors in move to recoup millions he ‘undemocratically’ divvied out.



Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas fired all his advisers “regardless of their title or ranking,” the Palestinian News Agency Wafa reported on Monday.

Furthermore, Abbas also abolished “the decisions and contracts related to them,” and suspended “the rights and privileges they received in their capacity.”

Palestinian officials told the Associated Press that this move was part of an effort to cut costs after Israel decided to deduct the amount of money that the PA gives to terrorists and their families from the taxes and tariffs Israel collects for the authority. Continue Reading »

A Dilemma: 18 yr-old Israeli is murdered and Palestinians rejoice

Analysis: It’s not just a political issue. Sadly, it’s embedded into ‘Palestinian culture’ and it’s not new. Arabs have been murdering Jews long before Israel gained independence, continuing on for decades, even before the first ‘settlement’, and still, the Palestinian propensity to rejoice and celebrate the murder of Israeli citizens forces one to look more closely at the Palestinian narrative.

By  Steve Frank, JNS


Last week, 18-year-old yeshiva student Dvir Sorek was found stabbed to death near his village of Migdal Oz in Judea and Samaria. Sorek had gone to Jerusalem to buy books for his teacher as an end-of-year present and was returning home when he was apparently targeted by Palestinian terrorists. Continue Reading »

PA doubles ‘Pay to Slay’ pensions for Palestinian murderer of 3 Israeli teens

While in Israel, the public is holding memorial events marking the 5th anniversary of the kidnapping and brutal murder of three Jewish teenagers, Mahmoud Abbas has doubled the PA’s monthly ‘Pay to Slay’ payments to the mastermind behind the barbaric terror-attack.

By Mordechai Sones


Thursday marks five years since the arrest of Husam Al-Qawasmi, who planned the murder of Eyal Yifrach, (19), Gilad Shaar, (16), and Naftali Fraenkel, (16).

Al-Qawasmi was arrested on July 11, 2014 and subsequently convicted for planning the kidnapping and murder of the teens. Having now served five years in prison, as of today his salary is being doubled by the PA, jumping from 2,000 shekels/month to 4,000 shekels/month. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist shot throwing firebomb at Israel Border Police

An Arab Palestinian terrorist in his 50s was shot and then arrested after hurling Molotov cocktails at Israel Border Police officers next to an IDF court.
– The terrorist may have been motivated by attaining a handsome life-long pension in Abbas’ ‘Pay to Slay’ program, especially after having been recently increased by 12%.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


An Arab terrorist operating in northern Samaria was shot by Israeli Border Police officers after he threw firebombs at Israeli forces next to an IDF court.

The attack occurred outside of an Israeli military court near the Palestinian Authority town of Salim, near Shechem [Nablus] in Samaria. Continue Reading »

PA forsakes medical care for the ill, prioritizing salaries to jailed terrorists

The Palestinian Authority, gov’t of West Bank autocrat Mahmoud Abbas is doubling down, forbidding Palestinians from receiving treatment in Israel because Jerusalem refuses to transfer nearly $138 million to the PA this year, the amount used to reward terrorists, a.k.a. ‘Pay to Slay’.

By Maurice Hirsch, Itamar Marcus, JNS and Israel Hayom Staff


Until now, Israel has been giving medical treatment in Israel to thousands of Palestinians every year. But this humanitarian program will now come to an end, as the Palestinian Authority has decided to stop sending its citizens in need of medical treatment to Israel.

The PA’s explanation is as follows: Since Israel is refusing to transfer approximately $138 million to the PA this year to spend on salaries to terrorists, the PA will no longer permit Palestinians to travel to Israel for medical treatment, for which the PA has to pay. Continue Reading »

Palestinian official threatens to “dismantle the PA” if Pay to Slay ends

The office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warns that they will disband the PA if the Israeli cabinet keeps the deducted 500 million shekels ($140m) from the Palestinian Authority, due to its uncompromising policy of paying monthly stipends to convicted terrorists and their families.

By Daniel Siryoti & Israel Hayom Staff


Israel has one week to reinstate funds it has deducted from the taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, otherwise, the PA will seek to reopen the Paris Protocol, the office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warned in a statement Wednesday.

The Paris Protocol was an amendment to the Oslo II Accord of 1995. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Israel moves to deduct funds to Palestinians equal to its ‘Pay to Slay’

Because Israel views the Palestinian government’s refusal to end the monthly ‘Pay to Slay’ payments to terrorists and their families as evidence of the PA’s continued support for terrorism against the Jewish State, Israel’s Knesset passed a law requiring a decrease in tax transfers to the PA until the payments have stopped.

By i24NEWS


Israel’s government is said to be determining the scope of cuts to tax revenues it collects for the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank, just days after the official end to United States support for the PA’s security services.

Israel Hayom newspaper reported on Sunday night that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet will likely approve a deduction in tax revenues relative to the amounts the PA allocates for stipends given to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody. Continue Reading »

Israel Police Confiscate ‘Pay to Slay’ Payment, Arrest Palestinian

Israel Border Police officers arrest Arab resident of Jerusalem after having received a NIS 30,000 payment from the Hamas terror organization for his family member sentenced to prison.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Border Police officers arrested an Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem suspected of receiving money from the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip.

Intelligence information led the officers to the Shuafat refugee camp, where they found the suspect had received (pictured above) NIS 30,000 ($8,200) from the Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip.

The soldiers saw the suspect leave the Shuafat refugee camp, followed him, and arrested him. Continue Reading »

Finally! EU officials condemn Palestinian policy of ‎paying jailed terrorists

Speaking to Abbas’ government’s policy that continue its ‘Pay to Slay’ monthly stipends to those who kill Israelis, EU officials visiting Israel said, “Violence should not be rewarded or encouraged in any way, but instead prevented and condemned.”

By Ariel Kahana & Israel Hayom Staff


European Union officials on Wednesday spoke out for ‎the first time ‎against the Palestinian Authority’s ‎practice of paying stipends to ‎terrorists imprisoned ‎in Israel and the families of terrorists ‎killed ‎while carrying out attacks against Israelis.‎

A delegation of senior EU officials is visiting ‎Israel and the ‎Palestinian Authority this week and ‎is expected to meet with Israeli ‎and Palestinian ‎officials. Continue Reading »

Israel passes law that deducts funds to PA equal to ‘Pay to Slay’ pensions

Israel’s Knesset [parliament] passes long debated law that will permit deduction of funds from tax revenues it transfers to the Palestinian Authority, equal to PA’s ‘terror payments’ annual budget.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli parliament on Monday passed a law that will slash tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless welfare payments to convicted terrorists and their families are stopped.

First mooted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu two years ago, it sailed through the Knesset with 87 votes in favor and just 15 against.

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail, all paid generous monthly stipends by the PA.  – Palestinian propaganda blog

Israel collects tax from Palestinians in the West Bank and then transfers the funds to the PA. Continue Reading »

Australia ends direct funding Palestinian Authority due to its ‘Pay to Slay’ policy

FM Julie Bishop rejects using Australian humanitarian funding for the PA to pay monthly stipends to entice Palestinian attacks on Israelis, as it is an “affront to Australian values, and undermines the prospect of meaningful peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”



Australia has discontinued funding the Palestinian Authority because of concern that the money is making PA payments to terrorists and their families possible, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced Monday.

Canberra had allocated AU$10 ($7.4) million to the World Bank’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Palestinian Recover and Development Program that went to the PA.

Abbas’ monthly pension ‘price-list’ to entice terrorists – updated 2017

“I wrote to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on 29 May, to seek clear assurance that Australian funding is not being used to assist Palestinians convicted of politically motivated violence,” Bishop said in a statement. Continue Reading »