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Palestinian Arab detained by PA police & beaten for converting to Judaism

Tricked by his brothers after being threatened to be cut off from his family, Mahmoud Abbas’ security forces apprehend & detain a 50 year-old Palestinian man for two weeks, beating him after learning he had converted to Judaism.



50-year old Palestinian resident of the West Bank was severely beaten by Palestinian Authority security forces after he converted to the Jewish faith , Ynet reported on Tuesday.

The man was arrested two weeks ago and kept in custody after he was asked by his sons to meet them somewhere in the West Bank.

Palestinian police loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday violently dispersed a demonstration against the Annapolis peace conference, killing one protester, medical officials said.

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Palestinian Police Chief suspended for assisting IDF soldiers fix flat tire

After photos of Hebron police chief Col. Ahmad Abu al-Rub, angered Palestinians on social media, he was suspended and referred to “investigative committee” for “collaboration with Israel,” when he helped Israeli soldiers change a flat tire.

By Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


A local Palestinian police chief has been suspended for helping Israeli soldiers fix a flat tire in the West Bank.

Police spokesman Loae Izrekat said on Thursday that Col. Ahmad Abu al-Rub was suspended and referred to an “investigative committee.”

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Syriac Orthodox bishop in Jerusalem claims Palestinians sent ‘seductress’ to entrap him

Ever since Bishop Murad Severius sued the Palestinian Authority for fraud when they used forged papers in a land transaction where the properties did not actually exist, the Palestinians have accused him of selling land to Jews, arrested him, and now, trying to ruin his reputation with sexual allegations made by a woman who happens to be the wife of a Palestinian allegedly persecuting him.

By Yishai Porat


A Syriac Orthodox bishop based in Jerusalem has claimed the Palestinian Authority had sent a call girl to him in an attempt to entrap him.

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Human rights groups refuse to assist Arab victims of Palestinian Authority torture

Palestinian Human Rights NGOs refused medical assistance to Arabs suing the Palestinian Authority, after having suffered from physical, psychiatric, and/or urological disabilities that stem from torture during their unlawful detention.
– ‘We only help those that hurt Israel.’

By Tzvi Lev


In July, the Jerusalem District Court gave an unprecedented ruling stating that the Palestinian Authority (PA) was responsible for the unlawful detention and torture of collaborators with Israel since the 1990’s, which cleared the way for victims to file a lawsuit against the PA.

Palestinian police officers beat a protester during clashes at a demonstration against the U.S.-sponsored

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