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Indian composer accused of plagiarizing the Jewish State’s National Anthem

The post of Israel’s National Anthem being played at the Olympics has gone viral due to the accusations, with a deluge of comments accusing Malik of plagiarizing the Jewish State’s ‘Hatikva’ for his song.
– Listen… decide for yourself!

By Dan Verbin


A well known Bollywood musical director is being accused by social media users of ing Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem, for a song he composed in 1996, with fans of Indian cinema joking the composer should get a gold metal for his effort, reported the Tribune English-language daily.

The alleged similarities between Anu Malik’s song “Mera Mulk Mera Desh” and Hatikva were only discovered when gymnast Artem Dolgopyat won Israel’s second-ever gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics over the weekend. Continue Reading »