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Indian composer accused of plagiarizing the Jewish State’s National Anthem

The post of Israel’s National Anthem being played at the Olympics has gone viral due to the accusations, with a deluge of comments accusing Malik of plagiarizing the Jewish State’s ‘Hatikva’ for his song.
– Listen… decide for yourself!

By Dan Verbin


A well known Bollywood musical director is being accused by social media users of ing Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem, for a song he composed in 1996, with fans of Indian cinema joking the composer should get a gold metal for his effort, reported the Tribune English-language daily.

The alleged similarities between Anu Malik’s song “Mera Mulk Mera Desh” and Hatikva were only discovered when gymnast Artem Dolgopyat won Israel’s second-ever gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics over the weekend. Continue Reading »

Guitarist Ron Thal from Guns N’ Roses, plays ‘Hatikva’ for his friends


Wearing his hamsa amulet around his neck, lead guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal plays an impromptu acoustic version of ‘Hatikva’ (Hope), Israel’s national anthem backstage for a few fans.

Daniel Koren


Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, the lead guitarist for memorable rock band Guns N’ Roses, was obviously touched during his visit to Israel two years ago, when the band played Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park to roughly 10,000 fans.

Ron Bumblefoot Thal of Guns N Roses plays Hatikva backstage in Vegas - YouTube screenshot

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal of Guns N’ Roses plays ‘Hatikva’ backstage in Vegas – YouTube screenshot

As reported by blogger Darren Garnick, the guitarist now wears a hamsa amulet around his neck, which he said was a gift he received while in Israel. Continue Reading »

Arab MKs Exit Quickly Before ‘Hatikva’ is Sung

Many Arab MKs rush out before Hatikva, Israel’s national anthem is played. One MK: As an Arab, the anthem oppresses & humiliates me.

Hatikva expresses the Jewish longing to return & be a free people in the Jewish homeland & in Jerusalem.

By Maayana Miskin


The 19th Knesset began work Tuesday with much fanfare. Media coverage of the emotional scenes from the end of the day, as the national anthem Hatikva played, missed one important detail: that many Arab MKs were no longer present.

A Knesset Channel camera caught one MK, the controversial Hanin Zoabi, rushing to grab her bag and leave immediately after taking her oath as an MK. Continue Reading »

Judge Rubinstein: Arabs Need Not Sing Hatikva

Supreme Court justice Elyakim Rubinstein came to the defense of his colleague Salim Jubran, who declined to sing Hatikva earlier this week.


Supreme Court justice Elyakim Rubinstein on Thursday weighed in on the controversy surrounding his colleague Salim Jubran’s refusal to sing the national anthem saying it was “a tempest in a teapot.”

The controversy over Jubran’s refusal to sing  , Israel’s national anthem,occurred during the swearing in ceremony of the Israeli Supreme Court’s new president, Judge Asher Grunis on Tuesday.  At the end of the ceremony those present stood up and sang Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem. Arab judge Salim Jubran, however, chose not to sing. Continue Reading »