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Two French policemen injured in car ramming attack by ‘pro-Palestinian’

Officials say ramming attack of the two French Police motorcyclists in Paris suburb was deliberate, leaving both hospitalized, one gravely injured by a terrorist who wanted to avenge events in “Palestine”.

By Ben Ariel


A car rammed two police motorcyclists in a suburb of Paris on Monday, police unions said, according to Reuters.

One of the officers was left in an artificial coma in hospital because of his grave injuries, the report said.

French Police. – Photo: David Monniaux/Wikimedia

The act was deliberate, police unions said. Police sources said the 30-year-old driver was arrested at the scene and lived nearby in a working-class area close to where unrest erupted last week. Continue Reading »

Marc Lamont Hill “erases Mizrahi voices to assert an anti-Israel agenda”

Responding to Hen Mazzig’s LA Times article that Israel is not a country of “privileged and powerful white Europeans,” Marc Lamont Hill excoriates Israel on a twitter post boasting how he knows better, writing, “I literally study Yemeni and Moroccan Jews for a living.”



In a Facebook post on May 20 slamming Hen Mazzig’s article in The LA Times, American academic and activist Marc Lamont Hill described Mizrahi Jews as an “identity category” that had been detached “from Palestinian identity.” CNN severed ties with Hill last year after anti-Israel comments.

Marc Lamont Hill, a Temple University professor who was fired from CNN the following day after his speech to a United Nations panel on Wednesday, Nov.

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Ahead of its release, former European officials reject Trump’s peace plan

In a letter published in the Guardian newspaper, former European politicians call on European leaders to reject the yet undisclosed, ‘Deal of the Century’ citing the peace plan provides the Palestinian with full, independent autonomy, but no ‘state’.

By Ynet


In anticipation for the long awaited release of President Donald Trump’s Mideast “deal of the century,” European politicians who had held high-ranking positions in their governments and in European institutions, published a letter calling for the rejection of the proposed plan.

The Washington Post is reporting the administration’s plan does not include the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and will focus heavily on Israeli security concerns. Continue Reading »

#oops: Naked Spanish Activists Anger Palestinian Patrons


Pro-Palestinian street performers draw harsh criticism online after posing nude in front of the security wall wearing just clown noses in protest of Israeli policies.

By Elior Levy


Pro-Palestinian Spanish activists posted photos online Wednesday, naked except for red clown noses in front of the West Bank separation barrier in Jerusalem, meant to show opposition to the wall dividing Israelis from Palestinians.

The group witnessed a somewhat unexpected reaction online however, as members of the conservative-leaning Palestinian community slammed them for lack of respect and “disgusting solidarity.

Naked clowns at the separation barrier

“They’re standing like animals,” said one viewer. Continue Reading »

Americans laud ISIS victim Kayla Mueller as hero but was also radical anti-Israel activist

Allying herself with pro-Palestinian NGO, International Solidarity Movement, Mueller demonstrated against IDF soldiers in the West Bank village of Bil’in, before traveling to Syria.


Conservatives on the Internet and social media scoffed at the notion that Kayla Mueller, the young woman from Arizona who was recently confirmed killed by Islamic State radicals in Syria, was an innocent victim worthy of admiration.

Kayla Mueller, 26, an American humanitarian worker from Prescott, Arizona. – Photo: REUTERS

Indeed, many right-wing Twitter users and web commentators expressed glee at the news of Mueller’s death after reports emerged that she had participated in demonstrations alongside Palestinian and international peace activists in the West Bank. Continue Reading »