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Prostitution in Israel is legal, but solicitation of sexual act is no longer

Israel’s Knesset passes law aimed at fighting solicitation of prostitution with first-time offenders set to pay a ₪2,000 ($535) fine, and with maximum fine of ₪75,300 ($20,000) for repeat offenders.
• Justice Minister Shaked: ‘Solicitation is a morally unacceptable act; a woman’s body is not an object to be given to the highest bidder.’

By Gideon Allon


The Knesset on Monday voted unanimously to ban the solicitation of sexual services in Israel.

According to the law, individuals who solicit or attempt to solicit sexual acts will face a 2,000 shekel ($535) fine. A second offense will be punishable by a NIS 4,000 ($1,070) fine and the prosecution will have the authority to file an indictment against the solicitor. Continue Reading »