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Prostitution in Israel is legal, but solicitation of sexual act is no longer

Israel’s Knesset passes law aimed at fighting solicitation of prostitution with first-time offenders set to pay a ₪2,000 ($535) fine, and with maximum fine of ₪75,300 ($20,000) for repeat offenders.
• Justice Minister Shaked: ‘Solicitation is a morally unacceptable act; a woman’s body is not an object to be given to the highest bidder.’

By Gideon Allon


The Knesset on Monday voted unanimously to ban the solicitation of sexual services in Israel.

According to the law, individuals who solicit or attempt to solicit sexual acts will face a 2,000 shekel ($535) fine. A second offense will be punishable by a NIS 4,000 ($1,070) fine and the prosecution will have the authority to file an indictment against the solicitor. Continue Reading »

Samir Kuntar: Hezbollah’s ‘Resistance Hero’ or Beirut’s ‘Sex Monster’?



Some disturbing facts are emerging about the character of Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar who was assassinated in an airstrike attributed to Israel earlier this month.

Lebanese mourners hold portraits of Lebanese militant Samir Kantar during his funeral procession. – Photo: AFP

Sources that were were familiar with Kuntar have described him to Lebanese daily newspaper, The Beirut Observer as no less than a “sex monster.” Continue Reading »

Canadian Online Sex-Site Hack May Expose 180,000 Israelis

“The Impact Team” hack group says unless the Ashley Madison site isn’t shut down they will release personal data from the sex website, exposing millions of members’ names, financial information, nude photos & members’ sexual fantasies.

By Ilan Gattegno, Israel Hayom Staff & Associated Press


Around 180,000 Israelis, as well as millions of other people around the world, are concerned about their privacy after the parent company of Ashley Madison, a matchmaking website for cheating spouses, says it was hacked and that the personal information of some of its users was posted online.

Some 37 million Ashley Madison users may have their personal information posted online – Photo: AP

The group behind the attack is threatening to release all of the site’s personal information — including its members’ sexual fantasies, nude photos, financial information, online conversations and real names and addresses — if the company does not take Ashley Madison offline, according to a prominent security blog. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv to stop prostitutes’ business cards from cluttering streets

Ahead of Int’l Women’s Day, inspectors & city workers will take part in lecturers on women trafficking and the sex trade.


The Tel Aviv Municipality’s enforcement branch will team up with the Task Force on Human Trafficking, to clean up the business cards for sex workers scattered across the city, the municipality stated on Tuesday.
Prostitute [illustrative]

Prostitute [illustrative] – Photo: Edgard Garrido / Reuters

Ahead of International Women’s Day on Friday, the municipality said city enforcement workers will take part in lectures on the trafficking of women and the sex trade in the city, “in order to gain a deep understanding of the problems and importance of this phenomenon.”
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