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Int’l Expert: Israel’s Children Living Near Gaza Suffer PTSD

Advisor to Human Rights Commission worries that Israeli children that are always under attack by Hamas, have come to accept war as a normal part of life.

By Israel Today Staff


A leading international expert on the psychological struggles facing children living in conflict and war zones recently visited southern Israel and concluded that Israeli children residing within range of the Gaza Strip face an unhealthy upbringing.

International Expert: Children in Southern Israel Suffer PTSD – Israel Today

Voices in the international community like to complain about the siege Israel has allegedly imposed upon Gaza. But Eliasz Gocal-Czerwinski, advisor to the secretary-general of the International Human Rights Commission on child affairs, described the living conditions for children in southern Israel as very much a kind of emotional siege.

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Four Irish visitors’ view of Israel’s ‘Troubles’

After a visit to Israel 2 weeks ago, a group of 4 Northern Irish shared their impressions.



Michael Copeland, a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, recalls a recent protest near his office in Belfast during Operation Protective Edge. “There was civil disorder, with people waving Palestinian and Israeli flags.” He also recalls how Israeli goods were removed from stores, one of many vignettes of how the conflict played itself out in Europe. “The world’s press does not do Israel great justice,” Copeland notes.

A FLAG comprising of various elements including the Ulster Banner and the Star of David

A FLAG comprising of various elements including the Ulster Banner and the Star of David.

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