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Canadian gov’t panel calls to recognize Jewish refugees exiled from Muslim countries


Parliamentary committee says Canadian gov’t should encourage fairness with all refugee populations being considered in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, not just the Arabs.



CHICAGO – A Canadian parliamentary committee has called upon Ottawa to recognize the Jewish refugees of the Arab-Israeli conflict, eliciting praise from the country’s Jewish community.

Jewish refugees from Yemen cross desert - Photo Courtesy: Israeli National Photo Archive

Jewish refugees from Yemen cross desert – Photo: Courtesy Israeli National Photo Archive

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development began studying the issue of Jewish refugees from Arabs lands in May and heard testimony from several Jewish advocacy organizations. Continue Reading »

First Syrian baby born Israel


Israeli soldiers evacuates a 20 yr-old pregnant Syrian woman to Ziv Medical Center in Safed.



A pregnant Syrian woman gave birth at Safed’s Ziv Medical Center on Sunday morning.

Her son is the first baby from a mother fleeing Syria’s civil war to be born in Israel.

When the mother realized there was no one in Syria who could deliver her, she asked to be taken to the border, where she hoped Israeli soldiers would pick her up and send her to an Israeli medical center, she said.

“I was very afraid to go, but I was even more worried about giving birth at home by myself,” she added.

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Jewish groups, Israel covertly aiding Syrian refugees — sort of

“The Jewish community understands tikkun olam, understands humanitarian responsibility,” said Will Recant. “When they were made aware, they started to step forward just as they did for Darfur, Rwanda and other areas of humanitarian need.”


Syrian refugees living in camps and tents in northern Jordan are receiving aid from Jewish and Israeli groups. (Courtesy IsraAid)

Syrian refugees living in camps and tents in northern Jordan are receiving aid from Jewish and Israeli groups. – Photo Courtesy: IsraAid

Citing a passage from Leviticus she said her late husband often quoted, “Thou shalt not stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor,” Bennett met with the CEO of a major Jewish aid group and quickly got him to agree to head a Jewish effort for the refugees. Continue Reading »

Jewish Organizations are sending aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan

The Jewish Coalition for Syrian Refugees in Jordan will be collecting funds and working with global partners to deliver vital aid — food, clean water, medical care, shelter, and other relief supplies — to the most vulnerable refugee children and families suffering in Jordan.



NEW YORK — A coalition of Jewish groups is providing more than $100,000 in aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan.

JOINTThe Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief, which is made up of 14 organizations and coordinated by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, convened Thursday in New York to allocate the money to several groups providing aid to Syrian refugees in refugee camps in Jordan, a JDC spokesman told JTA.

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Jewish Youths Beaten by Gang of Foreign Workers for Protecting Girl

2 Israeli youths were severely beaten Saturday evening in Tel Aviv by 4 foreign workers, when they tried to protect a girl from being attacked.

By David Lev


Two Israeli youths were badly beaten Saturday night in the Kiryat Shalom neighborhood of Tel Aviv by four foreign workers. The youths had been trying to protect a Jewish girl from being attacked by two of the foreign workers. The Israeli youths were badly beaten by the workers, who used rocks, bricks, and bicycle chains, and threatened to murder the Israelis if they “interfered.”

Chen Yadegar, a friend of the Israeli youths, who all attend the same high school in Tel Aviv, told Arutz Sheva about the attack. Continue Reading »

Palestinian refugees in Jordan long to return to Israel

PA President Abbas’ recent comments regarding the “right of return” on Israeli TV frustrate Palestinian refugees in Jordan


BAQAA CAMP, JORDAN – The aroma of toasted coffee mixes with sounds of vendors shouting from behind shabby stalls in the market of the Baqaa camp for Palestinian refugees.

A Palestinian laborer in Amman, Jordan [file] - Photo: REUTERS/Ali Jarekji

A Palestinian laborer in Amman, Jordan – Photo: REUTERS/Ali Jarekji

Young students chase each other as they run to catch the morning school assembly, as hundreds of residents hurriedly pass stalls laden with fruits, vegetables, sweets and shoes.

It’s another day in this congested camp, the largest Palestinian refugee camp in the Middle East and one of 13 camps in the kingdom.

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Palestinians: US refugee amendment may delay peace deal

According to legislation, State Department must now differentiate between Palestinian refugees and descendants of refugees; former Abbas advisor: It can have a very bad reaction on the ground.

WASHINGTON – Palestinian advocates are warning that a new US Senate amendment dictating a reporting requirement on the issue of Palestinian refugees could set back efforts to reach a peace deal.

Dheisheh Refugee Camp near Bethlehem (file) - Photo: REUTERS

Dheisheh Refugee Camp near Bethlehem (file) - Photo: REUTERS

The amendment to a bill, recently approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee, mandates that the secretary of state must report how many of the Palestinians serviced by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency fled or left homes in Israelduring the War of Independence and how many are only their descendants.“It’s

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Jordanian Ex-intel chief: Jordan can’t take in Syrian refugees

 General Abu Rashid visits J’lem, says that Israel must think carefully about having so many Palestinians on its border.


Jordan is fearful of receiving Palestinian refugees from Syria, as it has neither the resources nor the infrastructure to accommodate them, Gen.

Mansour Abu Rashid, chairman of the Amman Center for Peace and Development, said in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood supporters

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood supporters - Photo By Reuters/Muhammad Hamed

Abu Rashid, a former head of Jordanian intelligence, was participating in a symposium hosted by the Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Israeli Council on Foreign Relations to honor the memory of Dave Kimche, who had been a central figure in the Mossad and a Foreign Ministry director-general.

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